Where Wishes Come True

"Where Wishes Come True" is an Event for Uta Ushibori.

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To get this event

Visit the Maid Cafe at night

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This event is not missable.


There are no choices in this event.




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After another evening of spending all his money in the maid cafe, Sensei stays late with an exhausted Uta. She is too tired to flirt with him, but when he mentions that he would sell his house for a little extra service, she gets right back into being flirtatious and offers him something if he can afford it. He shows his empty wallet and wonders if everything he spend so far would be enough to get something regardless of his current financial status. She has no intention to check it, mostly because it requires too much effort, but assumes that he singlehandedly finances her college funds, though she doesn’t think that she can attend one with her grades.

She offers Sensei a tour around the cafe as compensation for his patronage. While not what he wants, he gets caught in her draft and follows her into the kitchen. She allows him to get creative in here, as long as he doesn’t defile her, and he’s surprised how open she is towards his perversion while claiming to be pure. She thinks that his perversion would be more suited for her last stop on her tour and guides him to the locker room, which is more to his liking but also has to make sure that he doesn’t show it.

Sensei wonders if she will change now, but she won’t due to him being here and her casual clothes being stained by soy sauce. He thinks that stained clothes are still better than a risque maid uniform and she doesn’t understand why it’s risque, especially when only her sleeves are off. He tells her that slight changes in clothing have a significant impact, which she thinks is silly since him taking off his shirt wouldn’t change her view of him. He offers to prove it and while she wouldn’t mind, she rather wants him to bring her to the dorms to protect her. He agrees to go with her, especially because he can see her blushing face for a while longer. She’s confused what he means by that, until she touches her cheeks and realizes that they’re hot.

Sensei decides to leave immediately, while Uta would rather finish cleaning the cafe. As they walk down the street, she thanks him for walking her home, even if would’ve done it regardless since he’s so obsessed with her. He thinks that she’s the one obsessed with him and when she points out her low harem rank, he tells her that she either holds herself back or is just led by curiosity and hormones. She didn’t expect a serious retort from him and he informs her that he’s tired of dealing with people who try to hide everything. Uta understands why Io likes him so much and doesn’t think that she’s attached to him now because she genuinely likes him instead of needing to like him as before.

He asks her if she feels the same way. Uta falls silent for a moment and asks him if, given the chance, he would visit Nara one day. He would, but, considering their circumstances, doesn’t see this happening in the near future and Uta would be happy to show him her home since she wants him to learn more about her, but is sad that everything she can share with him would make him like her less. They fall silent until the silence is interrupted by a lightning strike and it starts raining. Both of them agree to find a place to guard themselves and try to find one.

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  • Event Default Name = Where Wishes Come True
  • Event Script Name(s) = utamaid25p1
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update .26p1.