"Uta-chan" is an Event for Uta Ushibori.

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Visit Uta's room

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This event is not missable.


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Sensei wants to visit Uta in her dorm room to talk about her hasty departure and to return her panties. He’s unsure how to break the news that he’s casually caring them around, but ultimately decides to be upfront about it to humiliate her. While she’s a little confused and disappointed, she tells him to just throw them on her pile of clothes and changes the subject. Sensei directs it towards her leaving him after receiving a text message, but she doesn’t really want to talk about it, because the message wasn’t important, was sent anonymously so she can’t tell him much about it, and, as stated before, she doesn’t want him to know anything about her past that would drastically change his view of her.

She tries to move on, but Sensei isn’t done talking about this, doesn’t care if his opinion of her changes and thinks that she should look for someone who can understand her. She doesn’t want anyone to understand her and rather wants to be seen as Uta-chan, her perfect self, instead of Uta, her flawed self. She reminds him how much he loves Uta-chan, wonders why he even wanted her to be Uta in the hotel and begs him to focus only on her perfect self rather than her flawed self. He retorts that he wants to know about her past despite how bad it might be and, while he likes the perfect and pure Uta-chan, he equally likes the flawed but human Uta Ushibori.

Uta decides to give him a simplified version of her past. Due to her naive and impulsive nature, she repeatedly did something that got her a lot of unwanted attention, to the point where she had a stalker. Her brother beat up the guy and almost killed him, which is the reason he’s in jail. Because she and her family couldn’t erase her mistakes, her family used the declining health of her grandfather as a convenient reason to get her away from her situation, but it always comes back to haunt her. As she recalls her past, she starts panicking and assures Sensei that nothing happened to her and that she’s still pure and untainted. His attempts to calm her down fail and she admits that she gave him more information than she intended to give him.

She concludes by saying that, between the consequences of her past impulses and her true nature trying to break trough and making things worse, she isn’t allowed to have anything until she has suffered more. He thinks that she suffered enough, that she should ignore her problem, which she can’t, and reiterates that he likes both versions of her and that nothing will change that. Uta releases a sigh of relieve and is happy to get all of that off her chest.

After some lighthearted banter, Sensei receives a message and thinks that Ami wants to know where he is. He checks the message, but, instead of a text from his overbearing niece, a picture from Uta was added – which contains fragment of her infamous past. He freezes in place as Uta wonders what he received. She assumes that Maya sent him a personal message and offers to deal with it, but he doesn’t want her to touch his phone. He decides to leave and Uta, sad about his sudden departure, tries to make him stay for a while longer, but he doesn’t want to make a mistake. While his walk home is a complete blur, he clearly remembers the dim blue light of his phone.

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  • Like with any other picture message, you can interact with the picture, but “I am undeserving of your love” just closes the menu and if you try “DELETE IMAGE”, you get informed that this isn’t possible and your affection level with Uta resets.

Event References

  • Event Default Name = Uta-chan
  • Event Script Name(s) = utadorm30
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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Event Changelog

This Event was added in Update .26p1.