Double Jeopardy

"Double Jeopardy" is an Event for Ayane Amamiya.



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Upon fulfilling all Requirements, this Event will occur automatically on the next available Saturday night.

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On a weekend evening, Sensei finds himself watching TV alongside Ami, Maya, and Ayane, the latter two having come over for one of their usual sleepovers. While the girls play along with a game show on TV, Sensei thinks to himself about how nice it is for the three girls to be getting along again after all the recent chaos their friendship has endured. While he admits life without them would be less burdensome, he's thankful to have a group he feels at home among. Ami, now fed up with how effortlessly Ayane's been answering the show's trivia, suggests they find something else to do. Her frustration, and Maya's, is cemented once Ayane makes a bad pun, causing both girls and Sensei to preemptively declare tonight over.

Ami suggests they all take their baths so they can turn in, however, Ayane counters this idea by suggesting Ami and Maya take a bath alone together so she can have some alone time with Sensei. Both Maya and Sensei himself predict this idea to fall flat and are subsequently weirded out when Ami relents easily. While Ami claims this is part of her recent push to stop "suffocating Sensei", the two remain skeptical even as Ami pulls Maya away and Ayane snuggles up close to Sensei. While he takes in the situation, he wonders to himself why Ami would now decide to listen to him – He's asked for and said a lot of things to her since he's woken up, but has never listened to them until now. He entertains the idea that, like him, she's starting to accept change, but the thought of it being something else concerns him deeply.

His attention is drawn back to Ayane once she tells him how glad she is to be "back". For a long time, she hasn't been mentally where she feels she should be, but after some unspecified event at the beach, she's made a full recovery. Sensei points out she'd have had an easier time if she talked about her feelings for once, something she points out to him for also failing to do. Ayane praises herself for being the calm and logical one of the Rooftop Club, a position Sensei points out might be usurped by Makoto should she also make it to the roof. Both of them admit that they're trying not to be too optimistic about Makoto's prospective admittance, having both been pretty hurt when Tsuneyo and Yumi didn't make it.

Moving on, Sensei questions Ayane about her abnormally reflective mood as of late, a trait she accredits to her unstated epiphany at the beach. While she still refuses to divulge any details, she assures him that whatever she knows is good news and will usher in a new, happier chapter in both their lives. She assures him that, from now on, she'll be a stronger, happier person who can protect Sensei from everything that's trying to hurt him. Sensei's unsure he even has anything that needs protecting from, prompting Ayane to ask about Ami's recent change in behavior. He admits it concerns him, but firmly believes that she'd never do anything to harm anyone or himself. Instead, he asks Ayane how she's managed to gain so much leverage over her as of late. She ambiguously answers that she merely talked to Ami and called her out on all the things she's doing that upset her. Sensei's skeptical if this is enough to permanently change Ami, but hopes things will improve as Ayane said.

Meanwhile, Maya and Ami begin their bath, with Ami complaining about having to relent to Ayane's request. Ignoring Maya's skepticism, Ami asks her how she feels about Ayane being alone with Sensei. Maya sees no reason at all to worry and has absolutely no interest in this topic as a whole. Ami continues to press the topic, making Maya increasingly uncomfortable, especially once her talk veers into observations about the weird nature of Kumon-mi itself.

Feeling awkward, Maya slips further away from Ami, asking her to keep her distance for the rest of the bath.

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  • Event Default Name = Double Jeopardy
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This Event was added in Update 0.34.