Hand of God

"Hand of God" is an Event for Yasu Yasui.

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To get this event

Visit the second floor of the School Dorms after all Requirements have been fulfilled.

To miss this event

This event is not missable.


There are no choices in this event.




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Sensei heads up to the 2nd Floor of the dorms, finding it abnormally quiet for once. Not wanting to risk riling anyone up and ruining it, he decides to knock on the door of Room 9, the only room which is always quiet. Upon stepping up to it, he discovers they've replaced their door sign with something resembling a cross. This prompts Sensei to think about its resemblance to crosses and his least favorite letter, but also about one of his previous visits to the room. He distracts himself from thinking about these things further by deciding to go out and buy liquor for the night.

Upon turning around, though, he finds the dorms suddenly devoid of flooring and walls, and Yasu staring wordlessly at him. She stops him from leaving, warning that alcohol will taint his body. She asks him where he currently is, to which he dryly answers "The dorms" inside "Kumon-mi". She's amused by his avoidance, pointing out how the dorms never looked this incomplete before. She explains that while he's only seen them as fully fledged places, they always look this incomplete when he's not around and that this abyss of nothing consumes even the other girls. Sensei tries to deny this but Yasu continues, asking him why it is them and their homes that must disappear and pointing out the inconsistencies in the logic of his reality. Sensei gets more and more uncomfortable, but Yasu, getting very close to him, claims it’s necessary for them to fulfill their purpose. She says it’s time to go, immediately causing him to "black out".

In this "blacked out" state, Sensei feels he is reborn, and he is quickly reacquainted with the sensations of living. He's soon assaulted with a myriad of sensations, such as the sounds of clocks and animals fighting over scraps of trash. A soft hand clasps his and begins to guide him, causing him to wonder if he too will be torn to shreds and devoured by animals. He feels he is a lost lamb, one vulnerable to the outside world's horrible tragedies, but that he will be okay as long as he has his shepherd.

Waking up, Sensei finds himself in a clearing with Yasu next to him. He asks why they're here and Yasu explains that he asked her to shepherd him and that he must first learn "today's lesson" before he can return home. He's annoyed to hear this but plays along, wanting to know what he’s learning today. Yasu approaches a lake and explains she will teach him how to discern fiction from reality, since, due to his visions, determining what's real and not will be difficult. She insists he must use God to determine such things, as God is what decides what's real in the first place, warning that approaching things that are "not real" will bring him great danger. He asks how he's supposed to know what's real in the first place and she responds that he must use the "eyes of God" rather than his own. Even more annoyed, Sensei points out how ridiculous this is, dismissing her religion as a game of pretend. She denies this, saying that everything he can imagine is real, as her God can make it so – If he wants, he can add more stars to the sky, change the shape and size of the moon and sun, or even bring someone back to him. When others inevitably call him crazy, she tells him to ignore them, as they can't possibly understand what he's been through. When he tries to ask what she knows about his past, she suddenly begins to shout.

She tells him he's been "filled" with worms, placed inside of him by someone he thought he could trust. While everyone else got the luxury of defining their personal realities, he was left to squander about, struggling to survive in the one he was forced into. So, instead of living, he prayed constantly that something would take him away from the life he lived – And when someone did, he prayed that they'd never have taken him at all. She insists his denial of God is because of this repeated tragedy in his life, but that he's unhappy because he now refuses to believe. God will take him back, she says, because He is all-forgiving and he is nothing more than a container of worms. Terrified, he meekly asks who this mysterious speaker is, which causes Yasu to immediately "wake up" herself. Confused, she looks around, notices her drenched clothes and abruptly demands he turns away from her as she starts to cry, seemingly embarrassed. He backs up against a nearby well and, as Yasu wrings liquid out of her dress, he realizes what’s going on – Something else lives alongside Yasu.

After taking a cab from the beach back to the city, Sensei drops Yasu off at the dorms, and while she still struggles to understand what happened, he suggests she gets some rest for now. She enters her room, and Sensei makes his way home, overcome with worry.

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  • There is variation in the dialogue depending on if Sensei has seen Toys.

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  • Event Default Name = Hand of God
  • Event Script Name(s) = yasudorm25
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.
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    This Event was added in Update 0.32.