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Yuki Yamaguchi
Personal Information
Surname Name Yamaguchi Yuki
Birthday (Age) April 20th (Late 30s)
Type of Character Side
Additional Information
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark Purple
Height 5′ 9′′ (175cm)
Hobby(s) unknown
  • Smoking
  • Her past
  • Biker Gang (Formerly)
  • Yamaguchi Clan (Formerly)
First Appearance
Notes unknown

Yuki Yamaguchi is part of the Side Cast of in Lessons In Love. She is a former gang member, the ex-lover of the Yamaguchi clan leader, and a recovering drug addict. She’s Yumi’s mother and Kaori’s aunt.


Yuki was born to unnamed parents, who owned a candy store at which she worked when she was a kid. During high school, she dropped out to join a biker gang and roamed the city with very little to her name. This changed when she was assaulted by Yakuza goons, all of whom she beat up with an iron pipe. After she dealt with them, their leader, the heir of the Yamaguchi clan, apologized for their behavior and tried to woo her out of fear. With her only clothes being torn up, and his promise of an easy life, she agreed to his offer and lived in the Yamaguchi estate for years.

During her time there, she became addicted to drugs and was high most of the time, a state her husband often took advantage of, getting her pregnant with Yumi, which she only realized two months later. She gave birth to her, but, according to Yumi, she was still high most of the time and mostly ignored her daughter. Years later, she left the estate to get away from everything, leaving Yumi behind.

At some point, she decided to get clean and went into rehab, managing to overcome her addiction a few months before the events of the game. Sensei meets her for the first time during Everything Horrible, but only learns her identity later from Yumi during A Place Like This.


While her past as a gang member and drug addict might suggest that Yuki is a terrifying and short-tempered woman, she is actually extremely calm, a trait she picked up after years in the Yakuza and on drugs. This past also explains why she’s often unfazed by everything around her and doesn’t see a lot of things as worrying or as bad as people make it out to be. This indifference also extends to people, being extremely tolerant of people's eccentric or creepy traits, seen in her friendships with Sensei and Io. Her rehabilitation hasn't changed her stance on violence, feeling it's sometimes necessary.

Despite her tolerance and calm demeanor, she isn't callous, still being able to empathize and extend emotional support towards other, showing a particularly motherly side to Tsuneyo and Io. This support applies to Yumi as well, often asking Sensei for updates on her life, and even offering her support after her expulsion. She's constantly striving to be a better person as a form of atonement for her past, going through rehab, and getting a job to become self-reliant.



Yuki and Sensei have a neutral relationship. Yuki’s fine with Sensei spending time with her, but she isn’t fond of his attempts to flirt with her despite her constant reminders that she isn’t interested in anyone right now. She’s also aware of him being very close with his students, but has no solid evidence so far. She also assumes that he has a deep relationship with her daughter, despite Sensei’s insistence that this isn’t the case, though she doesn’t seem to mind as long as he treats her kindly.


Yuki’s daughter. Realizing how awful a job she did at raising her, Yuki accepts all the hatred Yumi has for her and fully understands why she doesn’t want to see her. She still cares about her life and is proud of her great development, including her physical development.

Due to this linger resentment, the two rarely speak, their first extended conversation taking place in a convenience store where Yumi vented her frustrations and yelled at her for her neglectful behavior. The conversation ended up a bitter note when Yuki shut her up after she acted disrespectful towards Sensei. The next time they speak is after Yumi's expulsion, when Yuki uses her influence in the Yamaguchi clan to visit the estate and talk to Yumi. This was the first proper discussion the two had had in years, and they left on much better terms.


Yuki’s niece. Yuki was under the impression that she passed away after her tragic accident, and was shocked to meet her without warning during Butterfly Facts. Learning that she’s actually alive and has no family left, she started to spend more time with her so Kaori has more people in her life she can rely on. While Kaori's unique way of speaking confused her at first, Yuki quickly adapted to it.


Yuki is a regular at the bathhouse Io’s aunt owns. Because she frequently visits the bathhouse and is the kind of woman Io doesn’t inherently despise, the two have a decently friendly relationship, to the point where Yuki cares about her well-being.


Yuki applied for a job at her bar and was hired as a barkeeper, making Sara her employer as of Sweet Vermouth. Both seem to have a good relationship since they treat each other with respect during work and sometimes spend time outside of it, even inviting Sara bathe with her at the bathhouse.

Yumi’s Father

Yuki spent many years hanging around the Yamaguchi estate, but only due to the easy life being his lover brought rather than any actual attachment. Some time after Yumi's birth, Yuki cut contact with him completely, leaving the estate and wandering Kumon-Mi aimlessly. She keeps his last name, though, as a form of insurance.

Memorable Quotes

  • "I’ve got a history of lookin’ out for kids when I’m not too busy abandoning ‘em."
  • "There’s some shit that stays broken forever once you’ve fucked it up...and no amount of glue or...tape, or...any other sticky shit can put it back together."


  • Yuki has a tattoo on her entire back, portraying a snake dragon with water flowing down it’s body like a waterfall.
    • The tattoo is unfinished as it lacks the color inside the design, but, so far, she doesn’t have the money to finish it since she can’t use her status as the clan leader’s lover to have it made cheaper.
  • Before she decided to turn her life around, Yuki only managed to hold an apartment for 3 months at most.