At Least It's Not Christmas

"At Least It's Not Christmas" is a Main Event. This Event is part of an Event Chain.

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To get this event

Autoplays after "Mechanical Bull". This event belongs to an event chain started from "The Value of Sharing".

To miss this event

This event is not missable.


There are no choices in this event.


This event has no effects.


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Sensei walks around the Halloween party at Ayane's house, talking to various girls. Ayane and Ami compliment each other's costumes, but agree that Maya's is the best — she has come as Sensei. Rin and Futaba both have costumes reflecting their interests, and Futaba says that she'd have liked to see Sensei in a costume too. Makoto is still lecturing Miku about what happened that morning. Chika is busy on her phone, trying to convince Yumi to make an appearance. Sana is talking to Maya, but leaves after learning more about the costume she's in. Maya is annoyed that Sensei is not more annoyed at her costume choice.

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Event References

  • Event Default Name = At Least It's Not Christmas
  • Event Script Name(s) = halloween9
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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  • halloweenparty

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  • letsfuckingo.mp3

Event Changelog

This Event was added in Update 0.10p1.