Super Secret Sex Dungeon

"Super Secret Sex Dungeon" is a Main Event.

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You must be on at least Day 7 to unlock this Event.

To get this event

This Event will occur automatically on or after Day 7.

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This event is not missable.


There are no choices in this event.


+1 Futaba Affection


This Event takes place in the following locations:


When Ayane starts following him around the school, Sensei tells her that she's supposed to be in the gym. To his surprise, she tells him that he is supposed to be there too. After a short conversation which goes through several tangents, the two make their way to the gym after Sensei assuages Ayane's concern that she won't be the main item of his attention during.

In the gym, Yumi, Chika, and Futaba are sitting against one of the walls, Yumi complaining about Sensei's sudden and relative disappearance from the period. Chika tries to calm Yumi down and point out her hypocrisy, only for Yumi to briefly turn her ire onto Chika instead.

Yumi then turns and begins insulting Futaba - also slipping a backhanded insult at Rin into the dialogue - and Chika abandons any pretense of friendliness to bluntly call Yumi out on her behavior. After a particularly degrading comment regarding Sensei and Futaba and then another jab at Futaba's weight, she and Chika get up to find Sensei and leave Yumi to fume on her own. Afterward, Chika tells Sensei the situation, and he takes Futaba to the nurse's office to calm down.

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Event References

  • Event Default Name = Super Secret Sex Dungeon
  • Event Script Name(s) = day7
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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  • 10c.mp3

Event Changelog

This Event was added in Update 0.1.

This Event underwent its latest major changes in Update 0.24.