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Maki Miyamura
Personal Information
Surname Name Miyamura Maki
Birthday (Age) November 25th (n/a)
Type of Character Side
Additional Information
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Height 5′ 9′′ (176cm)
Job(s) Owner of Porn Shop
Hobby(s) unknown
  • Pornography
  • Teasing people
  • Her family
  • Being serious
Affiliation unknown
First Appearance Fishing For Love
Notes unknown

Maki Miyamura is part of the Side Cast of in Lessons In Love. She's the owner of the Porn Shop. She's also Makoto's mother, and is married to Masahiro Miyamura.


Maki was born the only child of two unnamed parents. Despite her forward personality later in life, she was extremely shy and reserved growing up, often sitting alone or with her own "nerdy" friends. Around college, her appearance became more mature and she started to date Masahiro. While the couple's open relationship would come off as odd to most of their friends, Maki herself never minded the arrangement, being content with being seen as desirable. The two eventually married, had Makoto, and took over their family's pornography business. Over three years before the start of the game, Masahiro was drafted into the Space War, leaving Maki to care for Makoto alone.


Unlike her serious and studious daughter, Maki is very laid-back, perverted, and generally light-hearted. She makes constant innuendos in conversation, loves to play jokes on unsuspecting people, and flirts constantly with her friends and even strangers. This easy-going personality often gives people the impression that she's immature, or incapable of being serious.

In actuality, Maki is especially mature, especially when it comes to her responsibilities as a parent. She puts up a front of stability when faced with adversity, usually for the sake of her daughter. While she struggles to fully cast aside her perverted jokes, she's able to tone them down for the sake of serious conversation. She's also more open about her weaknesses or insecurities than her friends Sara and Haruka, who tend to ignore their problems entirely or stew in self-deprecation. She's also serious when it comes to her business, being an expert in the media and easily reading people's interests.



Maki's able to immediately hit it off with Sensei due to their mutual openness about sex and pornography. She can naturally play off of him as a result, and often humors his lascivious quips or jokes. Like her friends, she also takes a romantic interest in him, casually accepting an 'invitation' from him if the right choice is made. Regardless of how intimate the two may get, Maki still recognizes Sensei as being a vital pillar of support for not only herself, but Makoto, thanking him on multiple occasions for all he's done.


Makoto is Maki's daughter and since her husband's enlistment, she's been taking care of her alone. While Maki recognizes and is constantly annoyed by their gap in intelligence, she strives to be the best mother she can be. This is often made difficult due to Makoto's preference towards her father, and her unwillingness to discuss her feelings with her mother, but Maki often shrugs off these obstacles and pushes through regardless.

Masahiro Miyamura

Masahiro was Maki's husband and the two have been together since their days in college. The two had an open relationship, although Maki herself rarely took advantage of the arrangement. The two seemed to be on good terms before his deployment and even after, Maki cared deeply for him, bawling senselessly in private for him after she was informed about his death.


Haruka is one of Maki's friends and the two often confide in each other due to their shared experience of having spouses in the Space War. Maki herself doesn't often vent to Haruka, though, feeling that Haruka's tendency to self-deprecate makes it hard. The two have a habit of getting frisky with each other when drunk.


Sara is one of Maki's friends. The two, along with Haruka, often drink together at Sara's bar during holidays and events. Maki's high tolerance for alcohol means Sara doesn't need to keep a careful eye on her like with Haruka.


Maki is shown to care deeply about Miku's safety, considering her to be like a second daughter. She's one of the few people fully aware of the circumstances surrounding Miku's parents and is often the one providing advice to her when Makoto can't.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Sensei, are you asking a married woman out on a date right now?"
  • "Hah. Get parented, loser."


  • Just like her daughter, Maki also had a crush on her teacher in high school.
  • While her exact age is unconfirmed, she appears to be in her 30s, as she claims that her husband had 'lived over thirty years' during Adulting.