The Art of Never Knowing

"The Art of Never Knowing" is an Event for Rin Rokuhara.




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Auto-play after Debatably Bisexual Musicians

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This event is not missable.


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Sensei and Rin return to the dorms after their day at the arcade. Rin is still a bit upset that her plans with Otoha didn't work out, but still enjoyed her day with him, even seeing it as something she would tell her adopted children one day, revealing that she was adopted by a lesbian couple. While Sensei thinks she revealed this information way too casually, Rin doesn’t see it as a big deal since nothing would’ve changed for her outside of who her current guardians are.

Rin doesn’t mind answering all the cliched questions Sensei might have, but requests to do it on her bed so she can relax after walking so much. He takes a seat besides her and asks if she knows anything about her biological parents and if it’s odd being the only adoptive child of a lesbian couple. She only knows that her biological parents abandoned her and were probably horrible people if the information she got was accurate, and, outside of an unknown pool incident, her life was pretty normal and her parents were attentive, noticing her bipolar disorder before she herself did and brought her to a therapist, even if it didn’t help.

With his questions answered, Rin wants to learn more about Sensei, but, since can’t remember much, he can’t tell her anything, acknowledging why she finds that hard to believe but unable to give her an accurate explanation. She instead asks if he enjoyed the date and if Otoha would’ve too if she was able to come. Sensei thinks that she would and while Rin would’ve preferred to get closer to her today, she promises that she would drop her so she can end the day with him. At that moment, Rin receives a message from Otoha, with her reaction being dependent on Sensei’s homie status.

  • If Sensei didn’t betray her trust, she literally drops her phone so she can end their date properly. She’s a bit surprised that he isn’t nervous, because, even if he’s only a backup, it still is a real date and everything she did was a genuine attempt to show how much she appreciates him. As she continues, she feels the urge to kiss him and as the atmosphere between them gets more intimate, both share a few quiet kisses.
  • If he did betray her, Rin focuses on Otoha and Sensei takes this as a sign to leave, ignoring her attempts to stop him.

Participating Characters


  • Sensei's homie status not only determines how the ending plays out, but also changes a few lines in the event.

Event References

  • Event Default Name = The Art of Never Knowing
  • Event Script Name(s) = rindorm45
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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Event Changelog

This Event was added in Update 0.13p2.