Hot Boy Summer

"Hot Boy Summer" is an Event for Rin Rokuhara.

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Outside of the dorm, Rin wants to know how Sensei knows her mother. He tells her that he wasn’t aware that they were related until now and that she’s just the newest member of his adult friend group, making her wonder why he has one in the first place and why everything starts falling down around her. Assuming she’s aware of Rika’s situation, he asks her how much she knows and while she can tell that her parents broke up, she doesn’t know any details and Sensei decides not to give her any because he wants to become a better person as part of his “Hot Boy Summer”, but Rin gives him multiple reasons why that’s stupid.

He tells her to just ask Rika if they aren’t on bad terms, which he assumes they are since she hasn’t introduced her to Otoha yet. Rin assures that they aren’t, but she doesn’t know how to introduce her since Otoha still has doubts and her parents going through a break-up when she pitched them as a perfect couple doesn’t help. She knows that she has to introduce her one day but decides to wait until her mother moved out to prevent the impression that she lived a dysfunctional life. Sensei reminds her that this is the case, and while she acknowledges that her life is, her family life wasn’t.

Rin realizes that he doesn’t know Rika very well and Sensei reminds her that they only see each other when they meet at the bar. He only knows that she’s similar to Rin in being very approachable and clingy. Hearing this, Rin suggests that Sensei should date her mother to solve both her relationship issues and to keep her away from Otoha. While appealing to their friendship and trying to suggest Imani instead didn’t work, he manages to talk her out of it when he reminds her that he’s supposed to date Futaba and she agrees that it would be bad if he abandons her after her last visit at his house.

As they talk about their experiences with their partners, Sensei is glad to hear the threesome is still an option since he felt that Rin and he were growing apart. While he understands that Otoha is more important to her, he feels like they aren’t as close as before, which she agrees and admits that she misses spending time with him, almost realizing that more time has passed by than she thinks, but she shrugs it off. She tells Sensei that, for now, she has to make sure that Otoha gets more comfortable with their relationship and Sensei decides to help her by sleeping with her mother.

She doesn’t want him to go that far and only keep her sane enough so she doesn’t have an emotional breakdown in front of Otoha, though she wouldn’t mind having a little sibling. As a result, she loses herself in her fantasies until Sensei refuses to indulge them. He gets mixed signals form their conversation on how to proceed with her mother and Rin tells him he can proceed however he wants, the only condition being that he never tells Futaba or her if anything serious happens.

Rin vents about her frustrations some more, assures Sensei that they will always be close friends and that she intends to do something to make up for all the time they couldn’t spend together. She makes her way back into the dorm to take care of her mother’s laundry as Sensei hopes that everything around her won’t cause her to break again.

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  • There are a few changes in dialogue if Sensei is a bad homie and/or has a relationship with Haruka.

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  • Event Default Name = Hot Boy Summer
  • Event Script Name(s) = rindorm55p2
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update 0.26p3.