Disaster Lesbian

"Disaster Lesbian" is an Event for Rin Rokuhara.

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Sensei knocks on Rin’s door, but Rika, only wearing a bath towel, comes out instead. Both are confused to see each other here, but when Rika mentions that Rin took her clothes to wash them, he comes to the conclusion that she’s one of her mothers. After an awkward conversation about some of her past mistakes, Rika invites him into her daughter's dorm room.

As they sit on Rin’s bed, Sensei is surprised that it took him so long to realize that she’s one of Rin’s mothers since he can see parallels in their behavior, but she denies that they are similar, brings up her partner and becomes furious. Sensei learns that she lives with her daughter until she gets her life back on track after being kicked out of her partner’s house and how she let it happen to avoid landing in prison since she was already arrested once during her rebellious phase.

She realizes that her life got worse since then and Sensei wants to know how it came to this since Rin was praising their relationship. Rika tells him that it was great for decades, but one day it just stopped and they only stuck together for Rin’s sake, though they barely managed that. She knew that the next fight would be the end of their relationship, yet she still felt sad when it actually happened. She changes the subject to Rin’s girlfriend and, after his suggestion to just go up and meet her was rejected, Sensei tells her that their relationship is fine but Otoha is still feeling uncomfortable. Rika understands her due to her life experience and knows that Rin will make similar experiences as her, though she hopes that it works out between them.

Rin finally returns and isn’t pleased with the fact that Rika opened the door, something she wasn’t supposed to do, and casually hangs out with her teacher wearing only a bath towel, but she explains that it’s fine since they’re drinking buddies. Rin demands that both of them stand up, has to stop a weird conversation about how her mom might be prostitute and is exhausted from how things turned out like this. She doesn’t mind her mother being here but wants her to behave herself, especially with Otoha around, but Rika can’t understand why she has to be cautious when Sensei, someone with a penis, can roam free inside a girls dormitory.

Rin doesn’t want to talk about Sensei’s gigantic penis, which makes Rika suspicious since she said it with confidence, averts her eyes and falls silent. She glares at him, but before he can defend himself, she grabs his crouch, much to Rin’s discomfort and Sensei’s indifference. She confirms it’s size and cautions her daughter to stay away from it. At that moment, Futaba enters the room and is happy to see Rika, until she notices where one of her hands is, but decides to ignore it since it’s the most convenient option for all of them. Rika and her embrace and she warns Futaba from staying away from Sensei’s penis as well since it would do serious harm to a delicate flower like her – little too late for that advice.

Rin directs her anger at him, because she can’t direct it towards Futaba and her mother is immune to it, and demands that they talk outside. While he finds her treatment unfair since he came to visit her, Sensei agrees to follow her mostly to get her away from her mother for a while.

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  • While Rin never saw Sensei naked until now, she still got an impression of it’s size in Skin (Start Somewhere) when she saw the bulge in his pants.

Event References

  • Event Default Name = Disaster Lesbian
  • Event Script Name(s) = rindorm55
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update 0.26p3.