Sketchy Basement

"Sketchy Basement" is an Event for Rin Rokuhara.

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Sensei enters the cafe to find Rin's chatting with a girl at a table. Remembering that Rin recently made a new friend, he wonders if her presence is causing Rin as much anxiety as Chika's previous visit did, and decides to join them to find out. He's briefly mocked by Otoha for his casual demeanor around his students, before the conversation moves on. He's surprised Rin is taking her break so early, which she confirms was so she could spend some time with Otoha. Hearing this, Otoha feels guilty considering the long-shift Rin has ahead of her, but she assures her that she'll be fine. Sensei asks why they can't spend time later, and the girls explain that Otoha lives on the opposite side of Kumon-mi, only visiting this side for vocal lessons.

Rin begins to swoon over Otoha again, and while Sensei apologizes in her stead, Otoha is already used to it. The topic of her giving concerts in a park comes up, which is something she can’t do anymore since she needs to focus on her homeschooling. Sensei confirms that she’s only here this early to meet Rin, but Rin makes things awkward again when she compares how close she is with both of them and accidentally mentions that only one or two interactions between him and her were out of the norm. Sensei is thankful that Otoha decides to ignore her last statement and acknowledges how cool she is.

Rin tries to make plans with Otoha to meet during the evening, but hesitates when Otoha suggests visiting the mall. Sensei assures her that Chika isn’t working that late, causing Rin to lash out at him for mentioning her. After Rin presents her a photo of Chika, Otoha wants to know why she keeps Rin away from the mall, with Rin explaining that she’s distancing herself from her for personal reasons. Otoha begs Sensei for an explanation, but she doesn’t get an answer from him. Both girls agree to discuss plans to meet up later this day and Otoha makes her way to her vocal lessons.

After she left, Sensei is proud that Rin took him mentioning Chika so well, only to be proven wrong when she reprimands him for doing so even if her joyful expression suggests otherwise. She scolds him for bringing Chika up when she still needs time to get over her and that he makes it hard for her to hide her interest in girls. Sensei explains that she made her interest in girls very apparent during their conversation and recalls both times where she directly flirted with Otoha. After a bit of banter, Rin’s break comes to an end and Sensei decides to leave, acknowledging that Rin probably isn't as mad as she sounded since nothing bad happened.

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  • There is variation in the dialogue depending on if Sensei broke his promise to Rin by seeing Schadenfreude before What's Done is Done:
    • If Sensei betrayed Rin:
      • Sensei will remember hearing about Otoha from Rin during the Christmas party and later learns that she’s a musician and gives performances in a park.
      • The girls will gang up on him when he joins the at their table so casually.
      • She will name him as an involved party when Otoha asks for an explanation about the situation between Rin and Chika, only for Sensei to drop the topic.
    • If Sensei didn't betray Rin:
      • Sensei will remember meeting Otoha during I Died With You.
      • Rin will be happy to see him and warmly invites him to hang out with them. Otoha will express her confusion, but doesn't stop him.
      • Sensei doesn't intervene during the conversation about Rin and Chika's situation, letting Rin herself handle the explanation.

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  • Event Default Name = Sketchy Basement
  • Event Script Name(s) = cafe40
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.
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    This Event was added in Update 0.13p2.