Becoming a Kidnapper

"Becoming a Kidnapper" is an Event for Nao-chan.

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Sensei and Nao hop on a bus, heading to the mall to buy Nao her new clothes. Along the way, he finds himself thinking about the pros and cons of Nao being mute, enjoying the quiet in contrast to the other girls in his life, and the lack of need to fill the air with idle chit-chat. In contrast, he broods over the fact that even she's able to quell his loneliness, something which only further ties his existence to his relationships.

The two soon arrive at the mall, and Nao is awestruck by the bright lights and various shopping venues. So much so that, while Sensei's still trying to come up with a shopping plan, Nao runs off. She quickly returns though, trying to communicate something to him. Unfortunately, she reveals that she left her notebook on the bus, leaving her unable to communicate beyond gesturing. Feeling exhausted already, Sensei tells Nao to just play along, as the place where they can get clothes has one of his students.

The two pop into Chika's workplace and while she initially walks up to him and tries to ask about details regarding the upcoming Dorm Wars, this train of thought is broken once she sees Nao. Under the guise that she's a relative, he explains the two of them are here to buy clothes. The situation is further complicated when Chinami soon shows up too, and after locking eyes, she and Nao immediately become friends. Somehow, Chinami's able to understand Nao perfectly and the two girls soon run off after Chinami learns about the purpose of today's shopping trip. Thoroughly confused about this, Sensei begs Chika to take Nao off his hands but she can't as it'd only increase the risk to her being fired. He asks why she needs to make sure she keeps this job when she'll be joining the maid cafe staff, but she reveals she's become more apprehensive about the idea after Ami's extremely verbal resistance. Instead, she advises him to treat Nao like he does Chinami, which Sensei finds hard considering how strange the circumstances surrounding Nao and "her mother" are.

Their conversation is interrupted by Chinami calling them over to the changing rooms, announcing that Nao has picked out an outfit and is ready to reveal it. After encouraging the two to be supportive, Nao steps out of the changing room in an all-blue outfit. Sensei is indifferent to the change in attire, noting that the excess amount of blue isn't too appealing – Meanwhile, Chika, finding Nao's amateurish attempts at fashion endearing, begins to fawn loudly over Nao, finding her incredibly adorable. The group moves back to the store's entrance where Sensei briefly contemplates pawning Nao on Chika again before suddenly finding himself also incredibly fond of her. After confirming that she's happy with her new clothes, Sensei decides it’s time to bring her home. Nao leaves first, much to Chinami and Chika's reluctance, and Sensei makes a quick exit as well when Chika’s love for Nao reaches a critical level.

While leaving the mall, Sensei admits spending time with Nao felt great and he starts to appreciate her, despite the fact that her existence still feels questionable.

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  • Event Default Name = Becoming a Kidnapper
  • Event Script Name(s) = naospecial2
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update 0.32.