"Somewhere" is a Invite Event for Noriko Nakayama.

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Having been backed into a corner, Sensei is forced to prove his lie to Ami, unintentionally exposing his secret to Noriko. When Ami is finally convinced and leaves to buy dinner, Sensei hesitantly approaches the closet, unsure of what to say to Noriko but confident in his decision – He needs Ami to keep loving him, he tells himself, and can't risk her leaving him.

He opens the closet to find Noriko entirely silent, with cheeks stained in tears. She doesn't say anything at first, but then meekly announces that she's going home and that he shouldn't follow her. He lets her leave his house, but when faced with the possibility of being abandoned, he folds and chases after her. He tries to offer to walk her home, but she snaps back at him, asking him how long he's been hiding that secret, and if it's the reason he abandoned them all those years back. He's unable to answer, and apologizes that she had to see it, but asserts he didn't make a mistake then because Ami's important to him.

Noriko bursts into a flurry of emotions, reminding Sensei of each time he's pushed aside her feelings because of someone else, how she doesn’t want much more than one memory that isn’t tainted by someone else and wants to know if this is too selfish to ask if it always ends like this. She claims she'll do anything, even discard who she is and let Sensei have full control of her. He tells her he doesn't want that, and that she needs to stay the way she is because she's “one of the only bright spots” in his life. Sensei steps closer to her, assuring her that there is a moment in the future where her wish will come true as long as she stays how she is. He also admits that he knows he alone is the reason she can't move on, but that he refuses to give her up – He refuses to accept a life without her in it because if she leaves him, he'll have to experience emotions he can't possibly deal with – Which is why her suffering is a necessary evil.

Noriko tells him that expecting someone to suffer for someone else’s well-being is an awful thing to ask from anyone, but accepts nonetheless. She does, however, tell him she'll need some time apart from him because what she saw pushed her way past her limits. She also reminds Sensei that whatever obligation he thinks he owes Ami doesn’t exist and warns him that if she hears Ami talk down to him like that again, she'll do something to stop her. He apologizes for his behavior, but she rejects it, asks him to figure out what this means for the future and demands they go straight to the main part next time. The two say goodbye, and Sensei returns home.

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  • Following this event, Noriko will be unavailable for an extended period of time.

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  • Event Default Name = Somewhere
  • Event Script Name(s) = norikoinvite4
  • Event Missed Name = NOWHERE


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This Event was added in Update .30.0.