Under My Wing

"Under My Wing" is an Event for Touka Tsukioka.

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Sensei leaves the Tsukioka Estate, having been forced to take a limo. As he stares back at the estate, he thinks to himself about how even when he seems to move closer to Touka, the distance between them is far too wide in every aspect – Their differences in status have placed a permanent wedge between them and the only solution is for Touka herself to lower down to "his level". Unfortunately, she seems to prefer her place way above everyone else. Sensei tells the limo driver to stop the car, and he decides to walk the rest of the way home, reminiscing about their moment in her dojo and, while wishing it would’ve lasted longer, is glad that she’s now in the company of someone who can understand her.

Meanwhile, Touka and Tsubasa enjoy a dip in the estate's hot springs with both joking back and forth about the exhausting people they had to deal with today. As Touka starts to joke more about Tsukasa though, Tsubasa intervenes and explains Tsukasa's emotional state, asking Touka to show a bit more sympathy for her. Touka's shocked to learn that the revelation about Tsukasa's loneliness came from Sensei of all people, while her mother proclaims how useful his perspective as an outsider can be. Touka uses this as a segue to reveal that Sensei clued her in on Tsubasa's plan regarding the Chosokabe. While Tsubasa initially interprets her bitterness as anger, Touka clarifies that she's not mad, just a little sad about being robbed of the opportunity to impress her. Tsubasa assures her she doesn't need to impress her with her actions and is already impressed by her daughter voicing her displeasure, showing that she doesn’t blindly follow the words of someone more powerful. In regards to the Chosokabe sisters she merely avoids divulging details to not violate certain aspects of Sensei's privacy.

It's then that Touka admits she's already aware of these aspects, much to Tsubasa's confusion. However, seeing that she's aware, Tsubasa advises her daughter to use his trust in her as leverage to further her own goals. Touka's confused about what she’s implying and when her mother clarifies that she should advance her own relationship with Sensei, she becomes embarrassed and struggles to get her head around her mother’s suggestion. Between her mother’s assurance that it’s perfectly normal and encouragement to be honest with her and herself, Touka admits that while the idea of getting closer to Sensei crosses her mind, she’s aware that other girls are closer to him than her and, therefore, feels like she hasn’t earned the right to advance their relationship yet. When Tsubasa suggests to just go for it or use one of their family’s tradition to tie her over, Touka gets more and more agitated until she refuses to talk to her. After a moment of silence, both women agree that it was a pleasant mother-daughter experience overall, but when Tsubasa suggests their tradition as their next get-together, Touka decides to retire for the night.

Back at Sensei's house, he falls asleep, having spent the night thinking about Touka and hoping that she thought about him as well – She did.

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  • Event Default Name = Under My Wing
  • Event Script Name(s) = toukadorm25p3
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update .31.0.