Taco Attack

"Taco Attack" is an Event for Nodoka Nagasawa.

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Exhausted after spending so long at Nodoka's book signing, Rin asks if they can finally get something to eat. Nodoka apologizes for making them wait so long, gloating a bit about her book's success before announcing she'll pay for dinner tonight – Sensei quips it'll be adequate payment for using his likeness without permission, causing him and Otoha to bicker over how cheap he usually is. Rin starts to make suggestions for where they'll eat, and while Nodoka offers to take them all out for sushi at a nearby restaurant, this suggestion causes Otoha and Rin some discomfort, not having recovered from the tragedy of their last restaurant date.

Everyone instead agrees to head to a nearby shotengai. After getting another weebnote from Molly, Sensei tries to rush them off, joking about being “recognized” again. Nodoka teases Sensei by offering to let him carry her purse, which he humors before being suddenly stubbed when Rin and Otoha start to walk away. Annoyed by Nodoka's tendency to mess with him, he threatens to walk away, but she reminds him that he promised to stay with her for the rest of the day. She doesn’t mind if he decides to leave and reap the short-term benefits of doing so, but implores him to stay with her if he intends to play the long game and let someone else be happy for now. Since he genuinely wants to help Rin and Otoha become happier, he decides to remain with the girls.

The group eventually reach the shotengai, buying food and walking along the stretch of road while talking amongst themselves. During this, Nodoka intentionally lets the “secret” behind her plan slip, causing Rin and Otoha to become annoyed. As Rin threatens to throw her food at Nodoka, Otoha bluntly tells her to stop treating her relationship like a toy. Nodoka insists that while she has a penchant for mischief, she wishes to help the two of them enjoy their relationship to the fullest. Still unconvinced, Otoha tries to get Sensei to back them up, incredulous at his indifference to Nodoka turning his private life into a bestseller, and even Rin chimes in, worried that this could have major consequences for him. Nodoka disagrees, remarking that her story is fiction and how even books based on real events, like hers, contain exaggerated or entirely fabricated details.

She tries to switch the topic back to Otoha and Rin, but the former gets increasingly angry, prompting Sensei to finally step in and insist Nodoka stop messing with them. She tries to convince him to help, but Otoha gets so fed up that she reveals Sensei's real name before he can answer. She taunts him further, until he reveals that he was going to refuse Nodoka’s offer and calls her out for her eagerness to let his name slip. Otoha feels sorry for her action, but only a little since she gives him the fault for acting out of character all of a sudden and still thinks he doesn’t need to hide it.

While Rin grapples with the fact he has a name until Otoha shuts her up, Nodoka suddenly becomes much quieter, meekly asking him if there's a reason he kept his name hidden. He retorts that he wasn’t really hiding it, but the reason why he doesn’t reveal his name is complicated. He asks why she’s interested all of a sudden, but she claims there is no reason, blushing slightly and looking away. When Sensei points out her lack of pretentiousness, she meekly states that her behavior hasn’t changed before nibbling on her food in an attempt to avoid the topic.

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  • Event Default Name = Taco Attack
  • Event Script Name(s) = nodokaspecial30p3
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update .31.0.