Falling Asleep Standing Up

"Falling Asleep Standing Up" is a Lust Event for Kirin Kanda. This Event is part of an Event Chain.

Previous Event: The Other Half


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Kirin keeps Miku, who’s both tired and under the influence of Valium, company. When Miku expresses her desire to be with Sensei, Kirin asks how she would describe her feelings towards him, which she compares to a pleasant dream. Kirin wonders if she can find someone who can make her feel like that as well and questions her behavior, but gets back to her usual self when she notices that Miku wasn’t paying attention. She instead convinces her to join her and Sensei while she’s still in her costume.

Sensei, who just returned after rejecting every invitation he got, gets approached by Kirin, who demands Sensei’s presence as she and Miku want to spend the evening at the hotel with him. Due to Miku acting weird and Kirin’s pushy attitude, he feels that something’s off and is reluctant at first, but he still agrees to follow them back to the hotel. Their exit is witnessed by Makoto and Futaba, who both realize that they’re in the same situation regarding Sensei. On their way back, Sensei notices Miku’s and Kirin’s changes in personality. Miku is acting more feminine, though he sees it as a side effect of drunkenness or tiredness, and Kirin seems to be conflicted, which he finds more interesting and beautiful.

Back at the hotel, all three enter Sensei’s room. Kirin checks out his bed and notices how comfy it feels and how it emanates Sensei’s scent, which makes her even more hesitant. When a tired Miku joins her, she tries her best to convince her to go to sleep instead, but Miku doesn’t want to let Sensei down. She notices Kirin’s nervousness and thinks that it stems from her being in a men’s room and starts teasing her for her cute reactions. Kirin reveals her intentions to Miku, hoping that she would refuse, but, to her shock, Miku agrees on the condition that it will be a bonus contest.

Miku calls Sensei over and tells him about the bonus contest. Sensei, who saw this coming, wants to know what they have in mind and Kirin picks something simple. The contest is completely in Kirin’s favor due to her experience and Miku’s inebriation. While the contest is going on, Sensei confronts Kirin about her using her friend and even taking advantage of her current state to satiate her own curiosity and amusement while abusing Miku’s inexperience to feel superior. While trying to avoid admitting it, she breaks and admits everything. Kirin begs him to let her win and Sensei either decides to name her the victor for being objectively better or gives the win to Miku to punish her.

Miku falls asleep once it’s over and Sensei asks Kirin if she regrets her actions. She counters it by asking if he regrets his actions regarding Molly. He tells her that nothing happened, answering his question in the process. She brings Miku to her hotel room while Sensei goes to bed, reads his messages and wonders if Kirin would be different if they never met.

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  • If the conditions aren’t met, the event will play out differently.
    • Kirin reprimands herself for opening up instead of convincing Miku to participate in her plans.
    • She approaches Sensei so he can help her bring Miku to bed instead of inviting him to spend time with them.
    • Back at the hotel, Kirin wants to visit his hotel room instead of bringing Miku into her room, but changes her mind before they can reach it. Sensei goes back to his room and goes to sleep.
  • The beginning of this Event does not replay during Scene Replay, instead starting from the scene where Sensei accompanies Kirin and Miku to the hotel.

Event References

  • Event Default Name = Falling Asleep Standing Up
  • Event Script Name(s) = kirinlust30
  • Event Missed Name = Drugs are Bad
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    • thevaliumscene

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    • anothernewsong.mp3
    • asobeatsex3.mp3

    Event Changelog

    This Event was added in Update .27.0.