Dyed Orange, Drenched in Sun

"Dyed Orange, Drenched in Sun" is an Event for Kirin Kanda.

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After a short discussion about Sensei’s choice during the FMK game, Sensei and Kirin spend the time talking about her first time and the second half of the town. During their conversation Kirin expects him to be as unimpressed with her as possible so they get the most enjoyment out of their sex life. He doubts that it works like that but assures her that his feelings for her won’t change any time soon.

They try to have a conversation without talking about sex, which ends up short-lived when Kirin asks if he gave Miku an orgasm. She is interested since Miku begins to change and she blindsided her with that during their competition in the Dorm War. She’s also aware of Miku’s feelings towards him and assumes that, after he noticed them as well, he used that to get closer to her. Sensei, knowing that Kirin wouldn’t do anything to hurt Miku with that knowledge and learning about Kirin’s failed attempt in the process, tells her what happened the night he was invited by Makoto, but informs her that he had failed attempts as well. Kirin thinks she still has a chance with her, but when Sensei notes that her fleeing from their advances is caused by her experiencing unwanted sexual contact, it triggers another flashback. Because of this, he tries to move on and concludes that they should let Miku develop at her own pace.

Kirin agrees since Miku is too scarred already and pushing her could cause even more damage. Sensei asks her what caused Miku’s mental scars since he hopes that knowing what happened might help him to understand and support her. Kirin, after a moment of hesitation, explains that Miku witnessed the death of her parents, that loud noises cause her to relive that moment and that the damage to her psyche can’t be fixed by anyone. Once she finishes the story, Kirin leaves to check on her and advises Sensei to figure out how to handle Noriko since she’s very close to break as well and she doesn’t want another one of her friends to suffer.

Participating Characters


  • Dialogue is based on the choice made during That One FMK Scene
    • The beginning of the event shows Kirin's reaction to your choice in more detail
    • If you chose to marry her she thanks you at the end but will puke once she is back at the dorm
    • If you killed Noriko, Sensei will apologize to her with a hug

Event References

  • Event Default Name = Dyed Orange, Drenched in Sun
  • Event Script Name(s) = kirinspecial25
  • Event Missed Name = Drowned in Blue
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    • kirinfire

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    • starvingtodeathoutofreachofthesun.mp3

    Event Changelog

    This Event was added in Update 0.21p1.