Black Sandy Beaches

"Black Sandy Beaches" is an Event for Sana Sakakibara.

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Sensei enters Sara’s bar and is surprised to see Kaori working here when it’s not a holiday. He decides to ignore her, much to Kaori’s worry and, once she notices that he does it intentionally, anger, and focuses on Sana and the progress of her communication skills. He calls her personality unremarkable and exceedingly average, points out how she can keep up with someone as confident and nonsensical as Kaori now and concludes that she reached her full potential. Hearing this, Sana gets offended by being described as boring, even though Sensei likes her for that, and tries to act intimidating, but it comes across as unnatural and Kaori suggests she should be her usual kind self.

With their lessons completed, Sana accepts that she has become redundant, but Sensei doesn’t think that she has and compliments her accomplishments during their time together, which includes her joining the light music club. This gets Sara’s attention, who is incredibly proud of her daughter and threatens to burn down the city to prove her greatness, until Yuki stops her and both go back to serve their customers. Sensei notices that there’s only one table to serve, but assumes that business is going well if she can afford having four people for one shift. Kaori mentions that she’ll be working at Sara’s bar more frequently to earn money for another pet, to spend more time with Yuki and to step in for Sana, who’ll work less to have more time for her club.

He asks her if she she’ll be fine interacting with the other club members, which makes Kaori wonder if his concern is a sign of love. Sana denies it and, after getting more and more uncomfortable as the topic goes on, wants to change the subject. Kaori asks Sensei about his favorite baby animal and, when he doesn’t answer immediately, names sea turtles as her favorite. Sensei names lambs as his favorite and goes on a twisted rant about their role in religious sacrifices, an anecdote from his own experience and his intentions with both of them. The system sees this as an error, resets time to the point before he answered and makes him agree with Kaori instead.

Sana is scared by their conversation, because it feels like something weird is going on, but Kaori goes on a rant about how baby sea turtles avoiding predators can be compared to the lives of humans. Once she’s finished, Sensei congratulates Sana again for her progress and offers her a drink, but Kaori doesn’t allow it and Sana doesn’t want to since she knows how she acts when she’s drunk. Sensei spends the rest of the night drinking with Sara and Yuki. During this, Sana leaves without saying goodbye and he starts thinking about lambs, though he has no idea why.

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  • Event Default Name = Black Sandy Beaches
  • Event Script Name(s) = bar55
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update .26p3.