Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I keep in mind when playing this game?

First of all, CAUTION IS ADVISED! There are several points.

  1. This game is certainly and assuredly not suited for minors or the faint of heart!
  2. This game contains rapidly flashing portions. This can potentially cause issues to photosensitive players and watchers.
  3. This is a game with explicit content. That means there is nudity, sexual content and various fetishes mentioned, implicated, described or visually displayed.
  4. Various themes are mentioned, implicated, described or visually displayed, including - but not limited - to religion, violence, war, psychological horror and abuse, depression and mental illness. Other, various themes may be included but not stated.

If any of these points cause you severe discomfort in any form, it is ill-advised to play it.

I have epilepsy, can I play Lessons in Love?

As previously mentioned Lessons in Love occasionally has flashes or strobe effects meant to confuse or disturb the player. If you are photosensitive or have epilepsy it is not recommended that you play this game. You have been warned.

Is there a non-scary version of Lessons in Love?

No, and there never will be.

Is there a discord for LiL?

There sure is! Just click the Discord Link. Everyone is welcome to join.

Where can I find the newest version?

The latest public versions are available over at, SubscribeStar or REDACTED. It is discouraged to look in other places beside these official sources. It is frowned upon to "Pirate" newer versions of the game not yet released to non-patrons or people that aren't subscribed on SubscribeStar. Getting the latest public version from official sources will also keep you safe from any malicious software.

Important announcement regarding the ANDROID version of the game

Lessons in Love (0.16.0 Part 2) is now so large that it is not possible to pack the game into an APK file. RenPy will literally not let me create an Android build anymore. This is not something I consciously chose to cancel and had no idea it would end this abruptly. There just seems to be a hard data cap of 4GB when packaging builds and the game is now well over that.

This means that in order to run the game on your phone, you must download the PC version and run it through an emulator program like JoiPlay. Transferring saves IS possible, so you will not lose your progress.

Instructions are below

Apologies for the inconvenience, but due to the amount of content and the amount of planned content, converting to the emulator was going to be an inevitability sooner or later.

But on the bright side, the game is about to be longer than the Bible. So take that, God.


How can I use JoiPlay to play Lessons in Love on my Android phone?

The following instructions were provided by AgeForce on the Discord. STEP 1. Download the windows version of the game, make sure you're aware of the download location on your device. STEP 2. Unpack the .zip using RAR or your desired unpacking tool. You can get the app through Google Play Store. STEP 3. Download Joiplay and the Ren'py plugin through the Google Play store. STEP 4. Launch Joiplay. When you're on the main menu click the "+" button on the bottom right. Enter game name, version and (optional) game icon. On "Executable File" click Choose and go to the location where you downloaded the game, when inside the unpacked game folder choose the .exe game file and click Choose. When all information looks correct, feel free to click on the "Add" button. STEP 5. You're now done and good to go. Have fun!

Why use Joiplay instead of the android version? (APK)

The Android version will be unable to be installed on all android devices due to the games file size. Therefore Joiplay is the only way to play the game on phone.

How do I transfer my saves?

In the game folder location, there should be a folder called "Saves" you can transfer all your saves to that folder and they will be ready for use! (If you don't see a saves folder, then you first need to create a save before the folder will be created)

What if an update comes out, how do i transfer the new content to JoiPlay so i can play?

If a new update comes out, you will need to repeat the same process above, remember to delete the previous version of the game fully from JoiPlay and KEEP your saves.

How the new Patch System works?

Now you can download a waaaay smaller update version that contains only the news images and new events code. If you have the previous version already, you just need to unpack/extract content into your current Lessons in Love folder and hit "Yes" to replacing all files with the same name.



  • 0.13.0p2 -> 0.14.0 Ok
  • 0.13.0p1 -> 0.14.0 NO
  • 0.12.0p2 -> 0.14.0 NO

"I cannot accomplish..." / "An event is crossed out..."

Check out the Events area! It contains all the information you need about specific events or event types.

I made a bad choice! Can I redeem myself ?

The best way is restarting the game or start from a previous save. Text you have already seen can be skipped using the Skip button or holding down CTRL (default Ren'Py shortcut).

Another way is using Cheats. Please read and consider the note regarding using cheats, though.

I want to contribute to...

Everyone is able to contribute.

  • If you want to contribute to the game, go to REDACTED or SubscribeStar and support the creator!
  • If you want to contribute to this wiki simply create an account and edit away! It makes sense to check the Contribution page, though!
  • If you want to contribute to the community go right ahead and join the Discord.