Step-by-Step: How to add a new event


This document may enable you to create a new event and create all relevant pages. This includes any type of event.

1. Create page

Create a new page in the Events namespace following this format:


This translates to: /wiki/Event/Eventname

2. Fill the page

This page should contain the following template: Click me!

Be sure to add corresponding variables:

  • If Happy Event, add any value to variable secret and other variables

     | secret          = true
     | secrettablename = Tablename
     | secrethex       = true
     | translations    = Event/Translation/NameOfHexTable

  • Other variables should be filled according to Gamedata or knowledge.

3. Add to Navboxes

There may or may not be multiple places to add the event.

     NOTE: Keep existing format into account! Make it fit accordingly!