Contribute/New Characters

Step-by-Step: How to create a new character


This document may enable you to create a new character and create all the relevant pages.

1. Create page

Create a new page in the Characters namespace following this format:

/wiki/Characters/Name Surname

This translates to: /wiki/Characters/Name_Surname

This page should contain the following template: Click me!

Be sure to add the approperiate cast:

  • Main Cast => Part of Senseis class
    • Add [[Main Cast]] where approperiate.
  • Side Cast => Characters you can actively meet if chosen to do so
    • Add [[Side Cast]] where approperiate.
  • Mentioned Cast => Characters that are merely mentioned but never/rarely shown and can not be actively searched for.
    • Add [[Mentioned Cast]] where approperiate.

2. Create Redirects

Help us and yourself! Create the required redirects. It takes a few clicks, however once done it'll be very easy to find your page.

For ease of use, go onto the Page and add the Content:
Page: /wiki/Characters/Name
Content: #REDIRECT [[Characters/Name Surname]]

Page: /wiki/Name
Content: #REDIRECT [[Characters/Name Surname]]

Page: /wiki/Name Surname
Content: #REDIRECT [[Characters/Name Surname]]

3. Templates

Every character has a set of Templates that need to be created.

For ease of use, go onto the Page and add the Content:
Page: /wiki/Template:Name
Content: <includeonly>[[Characters/Name Surname|Name Surname]]</includeonly><!--

Page: /wiki/Template:NameIcon
Content: {{IconTemplate|Name|Characters/Name Surname}}
Note: Please keep the Casing in check! |Name| is different to |name|!

4. Enrich the navbox

A page that can not be found except search is useless except for the adventurer and treasure seeking. To make sure the character is found, we need to add it to the approperiate navboxes.

The following boxes are relevant:

5. Other things

Did the characters introduce any new Locations ? You can edit the Locations Template to add them in. Anything else relevant ? Add them! A wiki lives and survives through contributions.