The Trinity of Lessons (The Three Rules to Contribute)

I. KISS equals Keep it simple, stupid

Sometimes, less is more. Keep it as simple as possible.

II. Would you like your favorite ongoing series spoiled ?

Selebus has a SubscribeStar account for a reason. Numerous players consider Lessons in Love to be worth their time and money to support the creator. That's why it's a privilege to acquire new versions before the public ("REDACTED Release"). To keep fair for all parties, keep the Wiki spoiler free.

RULE OF THUMB: If it's REDACTED Release, don't include it.

III. Opinions are not knowledge

This is a source of knowledge. However, it's not knowledge that you hate Kirin Icon.png Kirin Kanda, Futaba Icon.png Futaba Fukuyama or Miku Icon.png Miku Maruyama. That's totally fine and we don't judge (on the wiki), but not everyone shares that opinion. Neither is theorycrafting acceptable - for example it is not factual to assume Sensei Icon.png Senseis Name until it is explicitly mentioned anywhere. So keep the non-personal pages clear.