Arm's Length

"Arm's Length" is an Event for Imani Imai.

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Despite neither Sensei nor Imani getting particularly drunk tonight, he elects to walk her home. While he's done so to be a good person, he notes how one might perceive it as bad, as it's opened the door for a variety of unforeseen consequences. These thoughts swarm his mind as he looks at Imani's expression.

Imani apologizes for the others not being able to make it, preemptively trying to dispel Sensei's idea that tonight could be construed as a date, especially when he already has someone special in his life. Sensei reaffirms the reasons he's in love with Niki and subsequently dissuades Imani from further self-deprecation by trying to compare the two of them. Imani tries to pretend she isn't doing that, claiming Sensei's imagining things, but he asserts that he's not because otherwise, everyone else in their friend group would be imagining things. He also claims that she's aware that them being alone tonight was a setup, but before he can finish his thought, Imani interjects, inviting him inside.

Sensei quips that he's been inside before, before asking Imani how she feels about their relationship. For him, he's been hesitant to push things further for fear of ruining things between them. Imani agrees that she's the same and fully confesses her feelings for him, but before she can state what he should do if he doesn't feel the same, Sensei asserts that he does, causing her to demand he tell her why – He lists out all the things he enjoys about her, how she's annoying in an endearing way, how she brings some chaos to his dull life while still keeping things organized, and how he respects her calling him out when he does something stupid.

Thoroughly embarrassed, Imani asks why it is he's holding himself back – He explains that it's his fear of losing their relationship that's keeping him away. Wherever he goes, people seem to be attracted to him for no good reason, but there aren't many among that crowd whom he can simply have a friendship with; The risk of losing someone so important is too high. Imani falls silent, trying to find the right words to say, only for the two of them to be interrupted by Yumi walking by, being grossed out by the conversation. Awkwardly trying to dissuade her from telling anyone about tonight's conversation, Imani invites Yumi inside along with Sensei, hurriedly rushing in before she can embarrass herself further. Sensei invites her in as well, which Yumi refuses to do until she realizes how desperate he is to not be alone with Imani tonight. She relents, stepping in on the condition that he pays her.

Now inside, Imani tries to distract Yumi with random topics as Sensei's left to stool on his thoughts. He thinks to himself about why he's so desperate to preserve his current relationship with Imani, especially when there's so little standing in the way. While he tosses around the idea that perhaps it's the lack of obstacles that makes him uneasy, he settles on the idea of being desperate for someone to love him in a way that's different from the rest. Sensei remains silent as Imani's conversation with Yumi continues, where she asks her for updates on her life. Yumi's responses are half-hearted, claiming things are the same as always. Imani asks about Yuki next and while Yumi's responses are lined with venom, she claims there's no beef between them anymore.

Moving on, Imani asks her if she's excited about the upcoming Halloween, which Yumi isn't. After she complains about the idea of holidays at all, Sensei interjects, suggesting Yumi's hatred of Halloween might stem from it being her birthday. Yumi's annoyed he remembers this and even more annoyed when Imani tries to preemptively plan a celebration. She begins to try and leave, which Sensei uses as an opportunity to get out, pretending he's left something over at Yuki's place. Imani immediately sees through this, though, and he takes his leave in defeat.

As they walk out the door, Sensei and Yumi's eyes meet, and she gives him a look of pity. He goes home and falls asleep.

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  • There is variation in the dialogue depending on if Sensei triggered this event on Monday-Thursday, or Friday-Sunday.

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