Heartbreak & Harmony

"Heartbreak & Harmony" is an Event for Io Ichimonji.

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Sensei knocks on dorm room #7 to visit Io and is a little surprised to hear humming followed by slurred words. He enters anyway, because being around a vulnerable girl in a vulnerable state isn’t unusual for him. He finds her sitting on the floor, overdosed on her medication and, as a result, in a drunken-like state, which Sensei sees as an improvement to last time where she was close to death. He asks her what she treated this time, but she doesn’t want to answer that and rather wants to have a normal conversation with him.

Since they never had one before, Io suggests that he gets fucked up as well, but Sensei has no intention to take any of her medication. She wasn’t talking about her pills, since she needs them herself, and instead offers him the bottle of sake she got from a customer. He is more open to that, but still hesitates due to her lack of control and worries that something might happen. Io doesn’t think that anything that happens in their inebriated state would mean anything and manages to convince him to drink it.

While she gets the bottle, Sensei is worried about her current state, because while it seems better than her feverish state, it’s actually worse due to her letting her guard down completely and he doesn’t want to hurt her in case he loses control again. These thoughts disappear once he gets drunk and he sees himself as someone who needs to be protected and doesn’t see an issue in breaking someone who’s already broken.

They start talking about how she acts in her drugged-up state and she asks why he an Uta went in the tea ceremony room. She wonders if he has depression, gets angry when he asks her if she has it, because she doesn’t have it, and goes on a rant about Kirin trying to analyze her and how everyone claims to have it. He wants to know what she’s treating with her pills, but while she knows that she has anxiety, she isn’t sure what the other pills are for since she takes them for so long that she doesn’t care anymore.

Sensei pours himself another drink, but Io informs him that the bottle is closed and his glass still full. She wants to taste it, mostly because she wants an indirect kiss with him, and while Sensei hesitates at first, because letting her drink alcohol while on medication would be irresponsible, he lets her do it in the end. He informs her that he will run away with Uta if she dies, and while she wouldn’t mind them doing it, she has no intention to die. She takes a sip and passes out shortly after. Sensei turns the lights out, puts her to bed and leaves.

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  • Event Default Name = Heartbreak & Harmony
  • Event Script Name(s) = iodorm25
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update .26p1.