Death Trap

"Death Trap" is an Event for Chinami Chosokabe.

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Call Chinami in the morning

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This event is not missable.


There are no choices in this event.




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Sensei decides to give Chinami a call and learns that he’s supposed to look after her today since it’s the day Tsukasa comes over. He asks if her sisters are still with her, but Chika is on a secret mission and Chinami hasn’t seen Yumi for a while. She wants him to stop dragging out the conversation and make his way to her home and, after dragging it out some more, he takes the next bus to the old district.

Tsukasa and Touka are already there once he arrives. Touka looks visibly exhausted while Tsukasa explores common household items and annoys her sister. Sensei makes his presence known and Chinami and Tsukasa are happy that their father or butler arrived while Touka is relieved he finally made it. Sensei learns that he’s Tsukasa’s fourteenth butler now after she fired another one after her visit, gets scolded by Chinami for not bringing doughnuts and letting her do all the “work” and, after the kids went into the living room, gets thanked by Touka, because she was feeling uncomfortable being in Chika’s home.

They follow them into the living room and see some of the weirder things in it, like the TV antenna from the lower floor that prevents the home from collapsing. Tsukasa sees something next to her TV and Chinami shows them the picture of her deceased mother. Chinami tells them how she feels about her and how good her life is even with her gone, which makes Touka almost tear up and realize why she lost her challenge.

The girls want to play with them and decide to play house with Sensei and Touka as their parents. Sensei doesn’t see this ending well since none of them have a functional family life, but the girls think it will be fine. He isn’t fond of playing, but he uses the opportunity to look at “his wife’s” chest. Tsukasa asks them why Chinami has a different skin color than the rest of the family and Sensei thinks the only reason is that his wife has an affair. While the girls roll with it and try to figure out who could be Chinami’s potential father, Touka hopes Chika has a better day than her.

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  • Event Default Name = Death Trap
  • Event Script Name(s) = chinamidate25
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update .26p2.