The Legend of the Huggy Boy

The Legend of The Huggy Boy is a safe for work game created by Selebus. It was initially released in December 2021 and made available on REDACTED and

The Legend Of The Huggy Boy’s relevance to Lessons In Love is unknown. Selebus has described the game as a, “SFW/All-ages version of the game[1]” but contradicted this statement in the same message, saying, “This is a NEW game(...)[1]” 

It is not to be confused with Lessons in Love, which is a modification of The Legend of the Huggy Boy adding adult content made by Subeles.

  1. 1.0 1.1 "@everyone Lessons in Love: The Legend of the Huggy Boy 0.21.5 Part 1 is now available to everyone. This is the SFW/All-ages version of the game that will be hosted on REDACTED from this point on. It does not contain any new story content not previously included in 0.21.0 Part 1. This is a NEW game and it is highly recommended that you start a NEW file if you intend to play it. Existing saves will load, but could potentially break the game. Thank you all for patience during this incredibly stressful time. I hope you can enjoy how utterly fucking ridiculous this version of the game is. DOWNLOAD HERE: REDACTED" -Selebus in a discord message annoucing the release of Legend Of The Huggy Boy