One of the strongest aspects of the game is the community. A non-exhaustive list of the community's efforts is presented here.

Various Community Events

The previous list of narrators as it grew. For the up-to-date list, check Narrator List.
A screenshot of the watchers.
On the 15th of January, a huge amount of players got together to watch the playthrough of the newly released 0.12.0p1 public release. On the fly, a total of approximately 40 players of the Discord joined to have various characters narrated through the scenes. Throughout the event, it was a community effort to make this both hilarious and incredibly cringy. Never the less, even Selebus joined along for a while and got asked a few questions.
The previous banner as made by "Maui Goomba"

A game started by Thanathros, there is an occasional stream on the Discord presenting differing games. These games include both popular and unknown games. As of April 2021, it has been renamed from Mystery Visual Novel Theatre 3000 to Visual Novel Demonstration.

Ranking: Terrible - Bad - Mediocre - Good - Great - Amazing
A games of list to this point:

  • Sylphine (Good Visuals, Mediocre Writing)
  • School of Love: Clubs! (Terrible to Mediocre Visuals, Terrible to Bad Writing)
  • A House in the Rift (Great Visuals, Great Writing)
  • Out of Touch (Amazing Visuals, Amazing Writing)
  • Depraved Town (Mediocre Visuals, Mediocre Writing)
  • Together Again (Good to Great Visuals, Good to Great Writing)
  • Lewd Town Adventures (Mediocre Visuals, Mediocre to Good Writing)
  • Mystwood Manor (Mediocre to Good Visuals, Good Writing)
  • Neko Paradise (Mediocre to Good Visuals, Bad to Medicore Writing)
  • S.e.a.L (Terrible to Bad Visuals, Terrible to Bad Writing)
  • The Primaries (Good Visuals, Mediocre Writing)
  • Sensei Overnight (Amazing Visuals, Amazing Writing)

Started in February after the huge success of the narrated Lessons in Love playthrough, Discord User h3rryx gathered people to start a Harem Hotel playthrough. Similar to the LiL one it achieved a lot of acknowledge and participation.