The Desk Scene

"The Desk Scene" is an Event for Wakana Watabe.

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Upon fulfilling all Requirements, this Event will occur automatically on the next available Tuesday on or after Day 622.

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This event is not missable.


There are no choices in this event.




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After another normal day of school, Sensei finds himself once again in his office. Having spare time, he begins to reflect on all that's happened to him since he woke up in Kumon-mi, such as seeing the end of the world, learning his real name, and falling in love on multiple occasions. He quickly realizes that, throughout all the ups and downs in his constantly changing life, there's always been one companion who's stuck by his side – His beloved office desk.

Just as he confesses his appreciation for his wooden companion, he hears a knock on his door and summons in Wakana. While she pokes fun at him for being "in love" with his desk, she invites him out into the city on a day trip to a "secret" location. Suspicious of why she needs him specifically, Sensei tries to pry details out of Wakana but she insists the only reason she's inviting him is because she enjoys his company. He struggles to believe this but chooses to go along with her regardless.

Now deep in the urban district of Kumon-mi, Sensei realizes that the aforementioned "secret" location is a familiar bookstore. As Wakana peruses various books on the shelves, he thinks to himself how little he really knows about her. He realizes, though, that at the very least he knows she wants him around, making him hopeful that Wakana was telling the truth about inviting him purely for his company alone. The thought makes him realize how lonely he feels.

When Wakana speaks up, this hope of Sensei's is expelled as she reveals the true reason she dragged him along was to get his help finding more information on the anonymous poet she mentioned before he pinned her to the wall, "The Girl Who Cannot Breathe". He reels in disappointment and discomfort, falling into silence. Sensing him closing off, Wakana tries to reassure Sensei that she's doesn't do it for him and won't ask about his past if he doesn't want to open up about it, but does so out of concern for Ami; Ami's recent victory in the poetry contest displays a style similar to that of a poet whom Wakana knows. She doesn't know enough about her, though, so she’s desperately searching for any hint that could lead to the poet's true identity so she can step in and prevent Ami from following the same dark path.

Sensei's unconcerned responses to these worries send Wakana into outrage and she berates him for his indifference towards helping, especially when it's obvious he knows something about the mysterious poet. She makes it clear that this poet, while an artistic genius with evocative language, wrote about disgusting, dangerous things with a self-destructive voice, and Ami didn't just submit one poem that mirrors her style, but dozens. Despite this emotional outburst, Sensei's position doesn't change, and he tells Wakana to drop the issue because he doesn't know anything

Wakana knows he's lying and asks him one final time what he is to this poet. He claims he's nothing to her anymore, and walks outside.

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  • There is variation in the scenes Sensei will flashback to depending on his choice during No One Can See Us.

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  • Event Default Name = The Desk Scene
  • Event Script Name(s) = wakanadate25p1
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.
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    This Event was added in Update 0.34.