Something About Biting

"Something About Biting" is an Event for Chika Chosokabe.

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Sensei arrives in the first floor dorm hallway and knocks on Chika's door. She quickly invites the guest in, but is shocked to find that he's there, and laments her lack of preparedness. Sensei tells her to calm down, and she explains how difficult that will be on account of never having had a guy in her room before. He attempts to bring her out of her shell a little bit more by asking what sort of guys she's into.

Chika begins listing off the different qualities she would like in a partner, but she starts increasingly listing off qualities that describe him, and she starts externalizing fantasies without thinking about it, until Sensei snaps her back into focus. The two sit on Chika's bed, and she asks him what his ideal quality in a partner would be. After Sensei talks about that, Chika thanks him for the time and for his acceptance of her request to help her study, and Sensei heads home to go to bed.

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    This Event was added in Update 0.24 (replaces Mental Notes).