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Welcome to the "Lessons in Love" Wiki!

The Last Supper - Happy Style
The Last Supper - Happy Style

This wiki focuses on the Visual Novel "Lessons in Love" and it's creators Selebus. It is a fan created encyclopedia that anyone can edit at their behest! We are glad to see more contributions over time.

At this very point of time, there is a total of 1,147 articles and 1,783 files available.


About Lessons in Love

Welcome to Lessons in Love, an ongoing adult dating sim about a class of ten students trying to make their way through life. Take over as their teacher and build relationships with each of them as you attempt to find your own place in their world. Please note, some things in this game may be meant to confuse or disturb you. Please don't worry, though.

Everything will be okay~!

Manage your time after school and on weekends to best suit the path you want to take! Whether it be visiting the girls at their part time jobs, trying to convince them to let you into their dorm rooms, or just hanging out in the room with clocks at the local bar, there is always something to do in Kumon-mi!


Please consider that this wiki is still a work in progress. It is bound to change over time. If you feel like you can contribute, please check the To-Do for the up-to-date state! Alternatively you can simply create an account and happily edit away!

If you would like to change anything existing, please join us in our Discord server to discuss your proposed changes.