Complete Contributor's Guide


Welcome to the Lessons in Love Wiki's complete guide for all wiki contributors! This resource will help you to navigate the vast resources MediaWiki (the editing platform we use here) gives you to make the wiki better! There are a lot of things past contributors have already done to help make your job as a prospective contributor easier and more streamlined, and even as this Guide has been made, new skills and actions are being discovered every day, so always make sure to take a look back here whenever you're unsure about how to perform an action on the wiki!

There are multiple levels to editing the wiki, each coming with their own challenges and some requiring specific permissions to access. A short description of the different actions you can perform at each level and their general uses in the wiki format will be provided at the top, as well as a detailed list of all inputs this wiki has to use at the bottom of each section.

Additionally, there are certain restrictions you have to follow in order to edit the wiki. These are outlined below.

  1. To perform any basic action on the wiki aside from simply viewing a page, you must have a registered account with the site. This can be done in the top right corner of this page under Create account if you have not done so already. or you can also click on this link.
  2. You acknowledge that by creating an account with the site and by attempting to edit any part of any page, your edits are public and subject to change by any contributor, at any time, and for any reason in the future.
  3. You acknowledge that by creating an account with the site and by attempting to edit any part of any page, you have read and understood the user contribution guidelines, as well as the game/wiki copyrights page. Furthermore, you acknowledge that violating the game or wiki copyrights by posting prohibited material under copyright law may lead to suspension of your contribution privileges.

Beginner Actions


These are the easy actions most contributors will start familiarizing themselves with right away as they learn to help improve the wiki, and these will be the actions that form the foundation of your knowledge as a contributor. All of these are relatively simple and require no special permissions for you to start learning right away, so feel free to jump in!

Before we begin, the veteran contributors and site/wiki Administrators highly recommend using the MediaWiki source editor, as most pages on the site are built in a clean, easy-to-read format that is user-friendly in the source editor. In addition, the source editor will eventually become your main tool to edit the wiki as you learn the more advanced actions, and the visual editor tends to produce various visual artifacts in translation that can easily be avoided by using the source editor.

In addition, for these simple actions, many of them can easily be refreshed by looking in the provided Help area of the source editor so you can check back if you ever feel lost!

Detailed List of Beginner Actions

Intermediate and/or Locked Actions

Detailed List of Intermediate/Locked Actions

Advanced and/or Protected Actions

Detailed List of Advanced/Protected Actions