What Is

What Is
Name What Is
Location Sensei Office
Technical Information
Internal Name day270
Repeatable no
Missed Event Name unknown
Musictracks phantomthief.mp3
Version Added 0.14
Notes unknown

What Could Have Been


What Was

"What Is" is a Main Event.


Noriko visits Sensei in his office the day after her introduction. She expresses her determination to make him remember her, and says that her own memories of their time together have been what kept her "mostly sane". Sensei wants to know more about how he supposedly knew her — she says that they were neighbors for a long time when he lived in the old district, and that he often came over to visit her older sister. She tells him that although her love for him was never requited, it's still strong.

Maya arrives, and after a brief argument, Noriko agrees to leave. Maya tells Sensei that he should "stop coming to school for the next two months or so", until the next reset. Sensei wants Maya to explain why she is so upset about Noriko's arrival. She says that he has nothing to gain from listening to Noriko's claims if he isn't really the "old" Sensei, and that he's better off not looking into the past. She says that she is trying to preserve Sensei's life, and that Noriko "can ruin everything much quicker than you think". Sensei isn't convinced, and Maya leaves.


There are no choices in this event.


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This event occurs automatically on Thursday

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This event is not missable.