The Legacy of Thaum Pt. Z: Alentha Amastacia

The Legacy of Thaum Pt. Z: Alentha Amastacia
Name The Legacy of Thaum Pt. Z: Alentha Amastacia
Location Route 69
Technical Information
Requirements unknown
Internal Name ("Label") dormwar11
Render Name(s) ("Scene") Unknown
Repeatable no
Missed Event Name unknown
Musictracks rapid.mp3
Added in Version .17
Removed in Version unknown
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In Some Cases, Love



"The Legacy of Thaum Pt. Z: Alentha Amastacia" is a Main Event.


The second day of the Dorm War begins with a contest between Molly and Futaba, who are having a Dungeons & Dragons duel. Sensei doesn't really understand what is going on, but Kaori and Niki are also at the diner where the contest is being held — he talks to them instead, and they are eventually joined by Rin and Otoha. Meanwhile, the D&D duel comes to a close finish, but Molly manages to win another point for the second floor.


There are no choices in this event.


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This event belongs to an event chain started from Operation: Firestarter

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This event is not missable.


This event has no effects.


  • Zagull (Sana's character, now played by Futaba) returns from The Legacy of Thaum Pt. II. Alentha Amastacia (Molly's shadar kai monk character) hasn't been seen before, since Molly was DMing the previous sessions.