The Legacy of Thaum Pt. II

The Legacy of Thaum Pt. II
Name The Legacy of Thaum Pt. II
Location Koi Cafe
Technical Information
Internal Name mollycafe20
Repeatable no
Missed Event Name unknown
Musictracks breeze.mp3
Version Added 0.13p2
Notes unknown

Unpaid Promotion


Ahead of the Curve

"The Legacy of Thaum Pt. II" is an Event for Molly MacCormack.


Visiting the cafe, Sensei walks in on another session of the Dungeons & Dragons campaign which was started during the beach vacation. He chooses to watch with Tsuneyo again rather than play. Haruka isn't there, or she might have something to say about Molly running a game in her cafe. After watching for a while, Sensei decides to head off — Molly is a bit upset that he wasn't having fun, but he assures her that it's just a matter of different people liking different things.


There are no choices in this event.


To get this event

Visit the Koi Cafe at night

To miss this event

This event is not missable.



  • Zagull (Sana), Lidearel (Ayane), Nithhala (Rin), and Urrheak (Maya) return from the first session. We learn that Nithhala is a tiefling, and that Ami's previously unnamed wizard is called Arborea. Futaba, who was absent the first time, has a satyr character named Xessaxia.