The Inside of a Triangle

The Inside of a Triangle
Default The Inside of a Triangle
Missed Not Missable
Event Information
Location Sana’s room
Requirements None
Repeatable no

Closer to Me


Sweet Vermouth

Technical Information
Internal Name ("Label") sanadorm40
Render Name(s) ("Scene") Unknown
Musictracks unknown
Added in Version 0.13p2
Removed in Version unknown
Latest Revision in Version unknown
Notes unknown

"The Inside of a Triangle" is an Event for Sana Sakakibara.


To get this event

Auto-play after Closer to Me

To miss this event

This event is not missable.


There are no choices in this event.



Sensei and Sana arrive back at Sana's dorm room. She asks him not to tell anyone about what she said while they were walking, including her mother. She invites him into her room, and they are both surprised to find Ayane there even though Sana thought she was out. The conversation is awkward, and Ayane is obviously suspicious that something is happening between Sensei and Sana. Sana asks to talk to Ayane in private, and Sensei goes home. Ayane asks Sana how long she has had feelings for Sensei, and when Sana vehemently denies it, Ayane tells her that her brain and heart are disconnected. Maya hears the commotion and asks if there's anything wrong, but leaves again when Ayane and Sana don't want to share. Ayane says that Sana can't help who she likes, and shouldn't worry about hurting Ayane's feelings. However, she also says that she isn't going to give up on Sensei herself.