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 DJNOSTYLE RESCUE MISSION ( Summary:Patron betrayed it's purpose of helping and changed into boss mode . Friends all over the world, Unite at itcho!)

Recently, Patron decided to mop the floor with DJNOSTYLE and drink DJNOSTYLE'S blood before tossing DJNOSTYLE to the abyss. The poor DJNOSTYLE needs money and have to follow the Patron's fucking rules of community and delete all HAPPY PERVERT TOTALLY NORMAL HUMAN THINGS and force Ami and Ayane and Maya and the other girls to perform arm hugging sex with sensei forever in the name of making the game suitable to all ages. Fuck Patron. Like Otoha's school sinking into the abyss and she was thus forced to struggle at home wasting her cherished youth. As a self-claimed friend of DJNOSTYLE and you, I believe it's sincerely time to save DJNOSTYLE from Patron like the girls saving Otoha from her parents' YELLOW WALL PAPER . Let's take the bus from Patron to Itcho. As far as I know, destination Itcho is a really dangerous initially evil site to be judged consisting of all kinds of pervert stuff but also the one and only option available . Believe it or not. Prepare for the worst,bro. Pack your belongings away from Patron and take the bus arriving at Itcho where Otoha smiles and youritopai comes true. The Internet address you will need is here: Lessons in Love (18+)[NSFW] by DJNOSTYLE (Selebus) ( . Nodoka said it was okay to kidnap Otoha and toss her into the car against her will if necessary. Don't care what fucking reasons they use to scare DJNOSTYLE or Otoha. As the saying goes :" Do the right things .Don't be afraid." Do you accept the DJNOSTYLE rescue mission?