TPK (Banana Boat)

TPK (Banana Boat)
Name TPK (Banana Boat)
Location Beach
Technical Information
Requirements unknown
Internal Name ("Label") secondbeach4
Render Name(s) ("Scene") Unknown
Repeatable no
Missed Event Name unknown
Musictracks samhain.mp3
Added in Version .19p2
Removed in Version unknown
Latest Revision in Version unknown
Notes unknown

De-Briefing the Teacher


The Next Best Thing

"TPK (Banana Boat)" is a Main Event.


On the beach, Sensei and Otoha talk about Rin. Otoha says that she and Rin are just friends and will stay that way for a while, but she is still concerned about Rin. Otoha knows about Rin's scars and her history with Chika, and she feels that one wrong move might make Rin very unhappy. She says that Rin has behaving oddly lately, and thinks that this might be the "calm before the storm", but she doesn't know what the storm will be. She wants Sensei to ask Rin to text her. After Otoha has gone, Molly appears. She is aware of Rin's feelings for Otoha, and is sad that her own chances don't look good, but says that she'll "just have to make someone else happy" instead.


There are no choices in this event.


To get this event

This event belongs to an event chain started from Good Morning

To miss this event

This event is not missable.


This event has no effects.


  • Dialogue vary base on Good/Bad Homie