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Personal Information
Name Sensei
Birthday (Age) ?? (NOPE)
Birthday (Age) [redacte(d )]
Type of Character Main Cast
Additional Information
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Height 6′0′′ (182cm)′
Job(s) Sensei (dah)
Hobby(s) unknown
Like(s) unknown
Dislike(s) unknown
  • Ami Arakawa (Niece)
  • Nozomu Arakawa † (?)
  • Sekai Arakawa † (?)
Affiliation unknown
First Appearance unknown
Notes unknown

Sensei ("Sensei") is part of the Main Cast of Lessons In Love. He is the protagonist of Lessons in Love.


Before the game begins, the Sensei was extremely responsible, and a model teacher to his small class of ten. While still apparently disliked by Maya and Yumi, these were for reasons less dubious than those in the main game. At some point during his teenage years, he was romantically involved with Niki Nakayama, and apparently gained the affections of her little sister, Noriko. After some unstated event, he disappeared almost entirely, leaving the sisters to wonder about his whereabouts.

After an unfortunate incident, Sensei took in Ami and raised her as if she were his own daughter. Despite the growing feelings of love from her, and Ami's friend Ayane, he is suggested to have never humored these feelings.


Sensei, despite being the teacher of over ten students, has very little interest in actually teaching them anything, preferring to spend class periods napping and talking to the girls whenever it's needed. When he's outside of class, he can often be found wondering aimlessly around Kumon-Mi, usually as an attempt to find one of his students. Most of the students don't seem to find this behavior off-putting, but some, particularly Yumi and Maya, note is as being 'creepy'.

His main motivation could be considered getting laid, a goal he will go to great lengths to achieve. The severity of his lust is somewhat dependent on the player's actions, but he can be generally characterized as someone whose lust guides him.

In addition to this, he is often remembered by his students as being particularly pessimistic, harboring many deep nihilistic views about the world. Perhaps as a result, few things seem to phase him, and many take note of his lack of emotional response to things happening around him. This isn't to say he's completely devoid of emotion, though, as he is shown to be capable of feeling frustrated, angry, and, on rare occasions, happy.



Being Sensei's niece, Ami and him have a much more friendly and familial relationship than the other girls. They often playfully poke fun at each other, and Ami shows a great deal of comfort being around Sensei, not being wary of his unusual habit of hanging out with the girls in their dorm rooms.

While the lengths of Sensei's love for Ami is dependent on the player's choice, Ami is shown to love him to an excessive degree, even wishing to be romantically involved with him despite the blood-relation. She grows extremely jealous when other women get close with him, and is locked in a years-long 'rivalry' with Ayane over his affections.

Most seem to disregard her clinginess to Sensei as childishness, or as a joke, but those close to her seem to recognize the actual depths of her affection.


Maya immediately strikes as intriguing to Sensei, due to the suggestion that she has some clue as to what the 'true nature' of Kumon-Mi is. Despite Maya's animosity towards him, he enjoys aggravating her, and repeatedly visiting her during her shrine maiden duties.

The two of them are the only individuals capable of retaining memories through 'resets', and, as such, they share a more surreal bond than the other girls.


As stated by Wakana, Sensei has garnered a reputation among the school faculty for being a failure of a teacher. His unhealthy obsession towards teenage girls, and his general apathy towards actually doing his job are all well-known facts among the other teachers, although the lengths of their knowledge have yet to be confirmed.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Teenagers are exhausting..."
  • "All I know is Despacito."
  • "’s all shit right now, but there really is a beautiful world out there. I promise."


  • It seems that Sensei has the ability to understand birds like Noodles, Todd and John.
  • While unaware of how old he, or Sensei, was, he gave the rough estimate of 33 to Sara. After reconnecting with Niki, he learned that Sensei was two years older than her, making him 31.
  • According to Ami in Slumber Party, Sensei considers watching a movie without popcorn a 'sin'.
  • In No Romeo, Ami mentions briefly how Sensei used to act out Shakespeare plays with her when she was younger, sometimes even being joined by Ami's mother.