Name Reset
Location Kumon-Mi and School Rooftop
Technical Information
Internal Name day103
Repeatable no
Missed Event Name unknown
Musictracks unknown
Version Added 0.5
Notes unknown



Cursed Birds

"Reset" is a Main Event.


Sensei "wakes up", but the world seems to have halted and he can not find anyone. Every day feels like a weekend day and it just doesn't seem to end. Most things he tries simply lead to time passing, but if he visits the Shrine, he prays — this grants +1 Affection with God. Other Places might lead to other experiences. After praying five times, Sensei can return to school, if it's a weekday.

He takes a detour and meets "Ami" in her "special outfit". She says that it's so dark asks if he missed her, and doesn't believe that Maya gave him a handjob. Ami brings up his early dream of sex with her, saying that she might get dream-pregnant with a dream-baby — that is supposedly how Maya was made, although Sensei says that Maya is a normal teenage girl. When Sensei points out Ami's odd appearance, she floats away in anger. At school, Sensei talks to empty desks. When it's suddenly night, Hope appears, although Sensei doesn't remember him. Hope isn't very informative, but mentions that "the girl with the bell" is still here.

Sensei feels a sudden pain and is on the school roof with Maya, who was beginning to think he wouldn't show up. The sky is different. She tells him that what's happening is a regular occurrence — the end of the world. Now, she just needs to reset the world, and she'll do it in such a way that all Sensei's "progress" carries over into the next world. He closes his eyes, and Maya puts her arms around his waist, swearing that she is only doing it because it's necessary. Sensei wakes up in class just like the first time, and doesn't remember that he has already gone through it before until they get to the point where he meets Maya, when everything comes back to him.


With Maya on rooftop:

Where are we?
Where did everyone go?
Who are you?
How much of this is real?
What happens next?
Progresses the event

With Ami after reset:

The students
Your parents
What should I do?
The War
Let's just move on.
Progresses the event


To get this event

Autoplay after the previous event

To miss this event

This event is not missable.