Prayer Position

Prayer Position
Name Prayer Position
Location Beach
Technical Information
Requirements None
Internal Name beachvacation14
Repeatable no
Missed Event Name unknown
Musictracks unknown
Version Added 0.8
Notes unknown

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Cry. Cry. Cry.

"Prayer Position" is a Main Event.


Sensei finds himself leaning against a "happy" tree — he thinks about its roots, and hears A Voice from Far Away. Then he is suddenly watching Maya praying on the beach, although Sensei can't understand the words. She asks him if he is okay, and says that he seemed "different" for a second, but he is now thinking relatively normally again. When he suggests that her ability to reset the world allows her to get rid of memories or pain, she corrects him — she's not the one resetting the world. She asks him what he thinks about the stars, saying that it's a test — when he says that they're "fine, I guess", she says that he passed. She talks about how the stars reassure her and leave her without doubts, and then repeats her question — Sensei doesn't change his answer, and passes again. She returns to the topic of resets, telling Sensei that memories mostly do persist across resets, and that this can't continue for ever — it will "all come tumbling down".


There are no choices in this event.


To get this event

This event belongs to a quest chain

To miss this event

This event is not missable.