O World (In Our Final Moments)

O World (In Our Final Moments)
Name O World (In Our Final Moments)
Location Unhappy Place
Technical Information
Internal Name day60
Repeatable no
Missed Event Name unknown
Musictracks unknown
Version Added 0.3
Notes unknown

Normal Office Visit


One to Seven

"O World (In Our Final Moments)" is a Main Event.


Ami wakes Sensei up with tears in her eyes, asking if he's ready to go. He finds himself answering without thinking, as if his mind is reacting to something he isn't consciously aware of, and feels that he has lost control of his this body. He decides that this must be the important event that Maya warned him was coming. He and Ami catch a bus, even though Sensei doesn't know how he knows where to go. Eventually, they arrive at a grave belonging to Sekai and Nozomu Arakawa. Ami asks if they would be proud of her, and Sensei says that they would, while wondering whose words these are. Ami tries to talk to her parents and doesn't understand why they won't answer. She says she can smell her mother's perfume — she says that Sensei always used to mention that scent, to her father's anger. She asks if he doesn't have anything to say to them, but Sensei, having lost control of his tongue again, tells her that he doesn't have to, because he talks to them all the time. They stay at the cemetery until dark, and make a promise to "forget about today" until next year.


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