On the Discord, there is a bot named Nodokapedia, whose functions are available to Selebus's patrons either in PM or in a special bot-use channel. Nodokapedia's general uses include searching and viewing scenes from the game, searching and liking/favoriting through the archive of shared patron requests, and playing games like Fuck/Marry/Kill and Would You Rather, but the full command list available to users is presented here for reference.


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Patreon Requests Commands

Tier List Commands

Nodokapedia offers multiple ways to save, display, compare and analyze the community's tier lists.

Save your tier list

/tl save url:[...]

  • url: URL to your saved tier list page

Saves a tier list made with the Lessons in Love tier maker. First, save your tier list to your account (requires a Twitter account -- you may use a burner account for this purpose) and copy the URL of your saved tier list page.

See your or another user's latest tier list

/tl load (user:[...])

  • (Optional) user: User whose tier list to display [default: you]

Displays your (or the specified user's) latest tier list.

See an older tier list

/tl history (user:[...])

  • (Optional) user: User whose tier lists to display [default: you]

Displays a list of your (or the specified user's) tier lists. Choose from the dropdown menu to display it.

Delete a tier list

/tl delete

Displays a list of your tier lists. Choose from the dropdown menu to delete it.

Compare 2 tier lists

/tl compare user1:[...] (user2:[...])

  • user1: User whose latest tier list will be compared to user2
  • (Optional) user2: User whose latest tier list will be compared to user1 [default: you]

Displays a simple statistical comparison of both users' calculated score for each girl. All girls within a tier are scored the same (left-to-right order does not matter). The score for each tier is calculated as such:

1 - ([# of girls in higher tiers]/([# of girls total] - 1) + [rank of tier]/([# of tiers total] - 1)) / 2

You can see the calculated score for your latest tier list with the command /tl score.

See others' compatibility with your tier list

/tl compatibility

Displays an ordered list of comparison scores between your and other users' latest tier lists.

Generate a graph of tier list scores over time

/tl graph

See the current rankings of girls

/tl rankings

See the current standard deviation of girls' score

/tl stddev

See the difference between a user's last 2 tier lists

/tl diff

See all users' score for a specific girl

/tl girl

Contest Commands

Fuck ∙ Marry ∙ Kill Commands

Would You Rather Commands

Shuffle Commands

Misc. Commands


References the content of Thanathros' Titles.