Lessons in Love is set in Kumon-Mi, a fictional city located outside of Tokyo in modern Japan. Little else is known about it. Most men and numerous women have been conscripted into a Space War. Only a few notable exceptions have been mentioned, including Ayane's Father, the Butler of the Amamiya family and Sensei. A barrier was erected around the city which limits travel within city boundaries. Residents can not leave the city, nor can anyone from the outside enter.

Visitable locations

School Dorms

The dorms where the entire main cast live. Most of the student body lives in the building adjacent to the dorms, with only Sensei's class living in this building. It is not mandatory for students to live in the dorms, but most choose to do so. Each student staying in the dorms must have a roommate. The dorms can be visited every night, and once affection with a certain girl is high enough Sensei is allowed to enter their room. The second floor of the dorm is unlocked upon Molly MacCormack and Tsuneyo Tojo joining the class after the event Lifting the Curse.


The Bar is owned by Sara Sakakibara. It has few patrons and Sensei is often the only person there when visiting. Sana Sakakibara works there part-time and can be visited at night. The name of the bar is confirmed to be 'Sakai-bar-a' as of Opposite Directions.

Porn Shop

The Porn Shop is owned by Maki Miyamura. With the lack of men in the city, business has been much slower for it since the space war started, yet it manages to stay in business. Makoto Miyamura works there part-time and can be visited at night.

Tojo Ramen

Tojo Ramen is located in the Old District and is owned by Tsuneyo's Father. Compared to the other establishments in the game it seems to do quite well, with a regular assortment of customers whenever visited. Tsuneyo works there whenever she isn't in school and can be visited at night.

Koi Cafe

Koi Cafe is owned by Haruka Hamasaki. Sensei visits it often and it is the only location in the game that can be visited twice in one day. Rin Rokuhara and Molly MacCormack work there part time. Rin can be visited on weekend mornings and Molly can be visited any day at night.


Futaba Fukuyama volunteers at the library and often spends time there reading, writing, and helping out. Futaba can be visited there on weekend mornings.

Soccer Field

The soccer field for Kumon-Mi Highschool is home to the school's soccer team. Even though they can't play games against other schools due to the lockdown around the city, captain Miku Maruyama and vice-captain Karin Kanda still gather the team for practice on weekends. Miku can be visited at the soccer field on weekend mornings, and after Miku's Coach event Karin and her younger sister Kirin Kanda can be visited there too.

Ami's Bedroom

Ami Arakawa's room in Sensei's house. She used to stay there every night but started staying at the dorms on Friday and Saturday nights. It can be visited on weekend mornings.

City Streets

Sensei occasionally decides to wander the streets of the city. He can do so on weekend afternoons and bumps into Yumi Yamaguchi often while doing so.

Shopping Mall

A large shopping complex within the city, home to numerous businesses, including Les Vêtements, which Chika Chosokabe works part-time at. Chika can be visited there on weekend afternoons.


A traditional japanese shrine that Maya Makinami works at as a shrine maiden. Maya mentions that there are other shrines in the city, although Sensei has never visited any. Maya can be visited at the shrine on weekend afternoons.


A karate dojo that Ayane Amamiya practices at on weekends. She started practicing there on a whim and had only been going there for a few days when Sensei first visited. The karate instructor there often gets fed up with Ayane due to her bringing fake guns and other non-karate props often, as well as messing around with Sensei whenever he visits. Ayane can be visited there on weekend afternoons.

Maid Cafe

A newly place where you can get your special FLAVOR BEAM! on every plate you eat! Uta works as part-timer and Ami decide to start working there too since Sensei cuts her allowance... or better didn't know about it until too late... bad Uncle!

Convenience Store


Event-specific Locations

Kumon-Mi Highschool

The school that Sensei and all of the students attend every weekday. It can only be visited manually during Rewrite, but otherwise Sensei will spend the morning and afternoon of every weekday there.


The classroom is located within Kumon-mi highschool and is portrayed during a majority of the main events in the game with Sensei "teaching" his class, being reserved ocasionally for the girls to study if needed, like Chika. It's one of the most important settings in the game and although it's not a visitable location, Sensei usually walks by it whenever he's lost.

Old District

Run-down and plagued by poverty, the old district is home to more shady citizens. Introduced in This Town Has Two Halves, it is often referred to as the second half of town. Yumi Yamaguchi, Chika Chosokabe, Chinami Chosokabe, and Tsuneyo Tojo all live in the Old District. Notable locations within it include Tojo Ramen and the Chosokabe Flat.


Bordering Kumon-Mi lies a beach. It's known as popular vacation place and can be visited via public transportation. It is unknown if it is possible to leave the city by sea. The beach is visited during the Scientific Research event and again during the Beach Special Update.

Amamiya Estate

The home of Ayane Amamiya and her family, it is the second largest mansion in Kumon-Mi. The Amamiya Estate hosts the class halloween party and is visited during the Halloween Special Update.

Chosokabe Flat

The home of Chika Chosokabe and Chinami Chosokabe. It is located in the old district, and Sensei visits or is invited to come over occasionally to hang out with Chika or take care of Chinami. Yumi Yamaguchi is also a frequent visitor who takes care of Chinami. Sensei can regularly hang out with Chinami on weekend mornings and afternoons by calling her after she gets a cell phone in Chika's True Power: Unleashed event.


Near to the school dorms lies a small park. A small fountain is centered within it.

Old Kumon-Mi High School

Toward the borders of the city used to be the old high school. Students and staff were relocated within city. Few students remember having been there.

Newly Opened Library

In the city of Kumon-Mi a newly library opens up and Futaba want to visit it hoping to catch some new books to add to her collection. You go back and visit it during the Afternoon if you call up Futaba and ask to hang around.

Notes and Trivia

Ireland and America have been mentioned and exist within the world. It is likely that the depicted world around Kumon-Mi equals the real world.

Following the Introduction of Uta Icon.png Uta Ushibori as main character there was a retcon on the location of Kumon-Mi. Previously located nearby Kyoto, it's now instead close to Tokyo.