Invisible Worm

Invisible Worm
Name Invisible Worm
Location Haruka House
Technical Information
Requirements 5 Haruka Icon.png Haruka Affection
Internal Name harukadate5
Repeatable no
Missed Event Name unknown
  • lastdailysong.mp3
  • asobeatsexdark.mp3
Version Added 0.6
Notes unknown

Drunk Again


The Need to be Hurt

"Invisible Worm" is an Event for Haruka Hamasaki.


Sensei goes over to Haruka's place for the first time since she kissed him in the bar. She wants to talk about that. She tells Sensei that she made a stupid decision, and that nothing more should happen between them because she is married. However, she does admit to having no idea when (or whether) she will ever see her husband again, leaving her lonely and with no sex life. Sensei must decide whether to take advantage of her loneliness to begin a sexual relationship, or else maintain "what little honor" he has left by just staying friends.


Be a gentleman
Fuck another man’s wife
Unlock The Need to be Hurt


To get this event

Call Haruka at Night

To miss this event

This event is not missable.



Haruka will comment on whether or not you showed interest in Sara in Milk, Eggs, and Water