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Haruka Hamasaki
Personal Information
Surname Name Hamasaki Haruka
Birthday (Age) June 20th (n/a)
Birthday (Age) [redacte(d )]
Type of Character Side Cast
Additional Information
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Purple
Height 5′ 8′′ (173cm)
Job(s) Owner of Koi Cafe
Hobby(s) unknown
Like(s) unknown
Dislike(s) unknown
Family Haruka's Husband (Husband)
Affiliation unknown
First Appearance unknown
Notes unknown

Haruka Hamasaki ("Haruka") is part of the Side Cast of Lessons In Love. She is owner of Koi Cafe. Her Husband has been away for quite some time to participate in the space war.



A woman of her early middle age, she is known as a very caring and loving person. Rin goes as far as describing her as sort of a mother figure, making her a bit of a surrogate daughter to Haruka. However, beneath the deep care that she holds for both of her employees, she's been vocal on her sexual interest and curiosity with the teenager girls. Sensei relates to her on an arbitrary level in finding interest in the girls despite their motifs being entirely different.

Beneath the loving surfaces of Haruka is the picture of a lonely woman.

She's becoming very affectionate and open when she's drinking. Her playful, naughty side is enhanced through alcohol and she's becoming drunken very easily. This is making her easily affected and tempted by a man's advances.





Her day employee


Her night employee


They clearly help each other with their feelings, as their husbands both fight in the space war.


Friend of her, she owns the Bar

Haruka's Husband

She is very conflicted, as she is both in love with him and missing him dearly. However, she's carving for attention and loving, which she has almost forgotten since he left. This puts her in an uncomfortable situation. It seems that she has no heard from him in quite a while. The distance and need is constantly fighting with her love. It's been described that he is on her mind while she's fornicating with Sensei.

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