Name Delirium
Location Rin’s room
Technical Information
Internal Name ("Label") rindorm20
Render Name(s) ("Scene") Unknown
Repeatable no
Missed Event Name unknown
Musictracks unknown
Added in Version 0.3
Removed in Version unknown
Latest Revision in Version unknown
Notes unknown

Nothing Was Missing, Except Me


Good Day, Humans

"Delirium" is an Event for Rin Rokuhara.


Sensei visits Rin's dorm room to check on her after having seen her at the cafe. He finds her sitting on the bed, staring into space and not responding to anything. When she finally notices him, her conversation is confused and subdued. She thanks him for the the letter he wrote, but says that switching between being happy and "really really sad" is just who she is. She asks Sensei for his opinion on where people go when they die, which leads to her talking about her body — while lifting her shirt, she accidentally reveals cuts on her arm, which she was trying to hide from Sensei. Rin promises that she'll try not to do it any more, and that she'll get better soon, but Sensei isn't sure if he believes it. He asks her to also promise that, in future, she'll come to him or Futaba for help rather than trying to deal with it on her own. She agrees. She also asks him to forget the part where she deliriously exposed herself to him. Sensei stays a while longer to make sure she goes to sleep.


There are no choices in this event.


To get this event

Visit Rin's room

To miss this event

This event is not missable.