Characters/Uta Ushibori

Uta Ushibori
Personal Information
Surname Name Ushibori Uta
Birthday (Age) August 1st (n/a)
Birthday (Age) [redacte(d )]
Type of Character Main Cast
Additional Information
Hair Color unknown
Eye Color unknown
Height 4′ 11′′ (149cm)
Job(s) Maid at Maid Cafe
Hobby(s) unknown
Like(s) unknown
Dislike(s) unknown
Family unknown
Affiliation unknown
First Appearance FLAVOR BEAM!
Notes unknown

Uta Ushibori ("Uta") is part of the Main Cast of Lessons In Love.


She's originating from and presumably born and raised in Nara. She moved to Kumon-Mi to take care of her sick grandpa. He died within the year before Sensei arrived in Kumon-Mi. Following the shutoff of the city from the world, she's been attending Kumon-Mi Academy until it's sudden collapse. She's been transfered from Wakana Watabe's class to Sensei Icon.png Sensei's class following the same event. Her first introduction also depict her working in the Maid Cafe.


Uta is most notiable through an easily excited personality. She's easily hyping herself and can be described as bubbly. However, she mentioned herself as a very intrusive and blabbering person. A notable attribute would be her enjoyment of taking care of other people. She compared taking care of her cancer-sick grandpa with taking care "a cigarette-smoking baby four times her age".

She mentioned shopping beside being a maid as an active part time activity.

She's extremely extroverted and flirty. While the earlier is acquired in huge part due to her work, it's a very defining trait to her character.



They've been pen friends when they were younger. When Uta came to Kumon-Mi, they actually met for the first time. However, they both thought the other was a male person considering their pseudonyms. They grew to become great friends - going as far as being considered Io's only friend, as Uta doesn't .

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