Characters/Rin Rokuhara

Rin Rokuhara
Personal Information
Surname Name Rokuhara Rin
Birthday (Age) February 14th (n/a)
Birthday (Age) [redacte(d )]
Type of Character Main Cast
Additional Information
Hair Color Black, Pink Ends
Eye Color Pink
Height 5′ 4′′ (163cm)
Job(s) Barista at Koi Cafe
  • Playing Guitar
  • Lo-Fi Music
Dislike(s) unknown
Family Rika Rokuhara - "Mother"
First Appearance unknown
Notes unknown
'Rin seems like the cool, calm, and collected type, but has proven to be a bit unpredictable. She'll go through short periods where she doesn't act like herself and often disappears for a few days at a time. She's hesitant to come to me for counseling and often requires a bit of prodding from Futaba. She loves music. Getting her to talk about that might be a good start in terms of learning more about her.'
— Sensei's notes

Rin Rokuhara ("Rin") is part of the Main Cast of Lessons In Love. She is one of the 10 original main cast girls.


Rin lives in the dorms with Futaba and works in Koi Cafe on weekends, where she often spends her free time as well. In the beginning, Sensei is often the victim of her attempts at new recipes during his visits, which are usually undrinkable.


Rin is friendly towards almost all the girls and usually almost nothing can put her off. However, as she suffers from bipolar disorder, if she experiences some strong emotional tension, she falls into a deep depression. During this, she doesn't take care of herself, denies herself sleep, and is also prone to self-harm. But once she gets over this part, she returns to his normal behaviour and pretends that nothing happened. She has a great fondness for music.



Unlike some girls, Rin has no romantic feelings for Sensei, but considers him a good friend ("homie"). She often tells him about her pent-up feelings towards Chika and Otoha. At the same time, she is partly jealous of Sensei because of his relationship with Chika, as he stole her chance to have a deeper relationship with her.


Futaba is her best friend. She is often the only one besides Sensei who can get Rin out of her depressive states. Rin defends Futaba from being mocked by Yumi and is greatly concerned when Futaba decides to stop eating because of her weight.


Rin has a very strong crush on Chika. However, despite her lively and energetic personality, Rin always finds herself shy and embarrassed around Chika, and seems to recognize that they both have somewhat different tastes and traits. When Chika rejects her because of her feelings for Sensei, she breaks down. She recovers only after Chika explains her reasons and promises her that it won't affect their friendship.


Otoha is Rin's second love. The two share a fondness for music, and according to Otoha, they have been spending long hours talking even before she joined Sensei's class. Like before, Rin is completely obsessed with Otoha and often acts nervous around her, even though Otoha tries to persuade her to chill down. Rin eventually confesses to Otoha during the winter beach trip, and unlike in the case with Chika, the two of them start a relationship, which Rin is incredibly enthusiastic about from the first moment, sharing the news immediatelly with the entire class.


Rin happily chats with Sana at Sensei's suggestion, becoming only Sana's second friend.


Rin and Molly bond over RPGs. Molly has an enormous crush on Rin and is very concerned for her. Rin, however, seems completely unaware of Molly's feelings. At the Christmas Party, during a game of Spin the Bottle, Molly manages to steal Rin's first kiss, Rin is unhappy about this, and won't talk to Molly for over a week. When Molly tries to persuade her again during the winter beach trip, she angrily refuses her.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Bad Homie! You're supposed to only say nice things about me today." - Rin to Sensei


  • Rin was the winner of the fourth Lessons in Love Gravure Poll, for the month of August 2020.
  • Selebus himself has stated that Rin and Maya are the characters that are most like himself.
  • Rin is currently the fifth youngest member of the cast.