Characters/Noriko Nakayama

Noriko Nakayama
Personal Information
Surname Name Nakayama Noriko
Birthday (Age) July 28th (n/a)
Birthday (Age) [redacte(d )]
Type of Character Main Cast
Additional Information
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pink
Height 5′ 6′′ (166cm)
Job(s) Clerk at Convenience Store

PA for Niki

  • Pursuing Sensei
  • Social justice/anarchy/"dismantling the patriarchy"
Like(s) Sensei Icon.png Sensei
Dislike(s) Maya Icon.png Maya Makinami
Affiliation Student
First Appearance What Could Have Been
Notes unknown

Noriko Nakayama ("Noriko") is part of the Main Cast of Lessons In Love. Noriko is the sixteenth girl to join Sensei's class. She lives in room 10 with Kirin.


Noriko transfers to Kumon-mi High shortly after her old school is swallowed by a sinkhole. She is reunited with Sensei while chasing Wakana into his classroom during an argument. She is Niki's younger sister.


Noriko has known Sensei since her childhood, considerably before the events of the game, and is openly obsessive over him once they reunite. She aims to be the ideal girl in his eyes and has few reservations in the pursuit of his heart. Despite this, she is shown to have other hobbies and interests and maintains a friendly relationship with most of her classmates.



Noriko met Sensei many years before the events of the game as a toddler while he was still living in the Old District and tutoring Niki and has been in love with him for as long as she can remember. He would go on to tutor her years later as a grade schooler. She was hurt when he vanished from her life following the death of his brother, Ami's father, and his second disappearance after that, yet does not seem to hold it against him. She is passionate yet calculated in trying to catch his eye, leading him to think she's less dangerous than her attitude might suggest. Despite her professing that she will give him "anything he wants", she is initially nervous to become intimate with him.


Maya and Noriko openly despise each other for unclear reasons. Noriko claims not to know the source of Maya's hatred, but it seems to do with the reasons why Sensei disappeared three years prior to the events of the game. She expresses worry that Maya is trying to "steal Sensei away from her" — fears vindicated by Maya's constant efforts to distance Sensei from her, though possibly not for the reasons she suspects. She reveals in Sculpture (Dream Girl) that Sensei tutored both her and Maya at a similar age.


Noriko exerts considerable effort trying to get Ami to like and accept her, despite the latter's resistance. She ingratiates herself to her through constant flattery and surprising respect for Ami's relationship to her uncle, claiming to want to share him rather than take him. Ami is reluctant to trust her given her open obsession with Sensei and Maya's considerable animosity towards her, but at least partially accepts her. They compete to be the 'ultimate little sister' in Imouto Mode!


Noriko and Kirin are friendly with each other and bond over their sexual proclivities and pursuit of the same man. They make a deal early on that Noriko will accept her sexual relationship with Sensei so long as she "does not develop feelings" for him. The pair foil each other: while Noriko is focused, surprisingly kind, and motivated by love, Kirin is spontaneous, casually cruel, and motivated by lust. They are openly attracted to each other.


Noriko and Niki are sisters and share a bond because of it. Despite this, they spend relatively little time on-screen together and many of the details of their relationship are unknown. Noriko reveals Sensei's presence to Niki shortly after she finds out herself. They mutually disapprove of the superficial details of each others' lives, with Noriko showing disdain for the saccharine nature of Niki's work and Niki looking down on the way Noriko dresses and the music she listens to; however, much of this seems to be simple sibling rivalry and they share enough respect to permit a working relationship in Niki's idol career.

Memorable Quotes

  • "...I'm the 'childhood friend slash imouto type. So not only am I caring and adorable like a little sister, I have years worth of pent up sexual aggression and curiosity all aimed right at you!" -Love, Dorms, and Other Things


  • Appropriate to her interests, the posters in her room imply that she listens to classic punk music from the '80's.
  • She wears nearly exclusively pink, a fact that many of her classmates comment on or deride.